20 Best Torrent Sites to Download Free Torrents {Updated}

Hello Friends, today I am Going To mention a great list of best torrent sites. If you are not a new internet user, Then, I think you have used Torrent to download your favorite files. But, after the takedown of Kickass. Many, new torrent sites came up in the light. But many of them are not legitimate. So, Today in this article, I am going to mention best torrent sites to download free Torrents, Movies, videos, Apps and many more too.

So, now we are in the April of 2018. And Many changes occurred in the best torrent sites too. So, In this post, I am Going To mention the 20 best torrent sites by measuring different aspects. Here, I will check the site popularity, Number of torrent files, Harmful ads(one of the most important point) and many more factors.

So, If you don’t know about the torrent, Then, Let me explain you Everything step by step.

What is Torrent?

According to Wikipedia, Torrent file is a system file with .torrent extension. This file contains the metadata about the files or folders to be downloaded through that specific file. Torrent is one of the most common ways to share data over the internet. Torrent uses peer-to-peer(Also know as P2P) communication protocol for file sharing.

To download a file via torrent. You must have a BitTorrent client and the torrent file with .torrent extension.  And these torrent downloading sites will help you to download your favorite movie songs videos via torrent.

Now, let’s get to the point. Intenet is too huge. Thousands of new torrent downloading sites are created every day. But the question is who is the best? Not, even that which site has more files in their database, which torrent site is virus free and secured? So, On this List, I am going to mention all the points, And You can choose your favorite website.

TOP 25 best torrent sites 2018 April-May

After the takedown of Kickass torrents and Extratorrents, Many torrent users started to search for better alternatives and other torrent sites. So, here the list begins.

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The site started on 15 September 2003. So, this is one of the oldest and legitimate sites to download torrent files. It Started By Three Swedish Friends in the English language, and now The Pirate Bay is the most prominent name in the field of torrent files.

Still, This site is the king of all torrent sites. Currently, the Alexa rank of the site is 87. So, you can imagine it’s popularity. About 115 Million users have downloaded files from TPB. So, Let’s Talk about Its Pros And Cons:


  • The site is secured. With SSL encryption.(Most of the torrent sites Lack.) So You Don’t have to worry about your data theft. Your credential is secured with the site. And usually, it is impossible to hack the data transfer between the site and the user.
  • You can Download .torrent files, or you can also get magnet link to download torrent files via other downloaders.
  • The site is available in 35 different languages. So, this site has users from the entire world which helps the site to grow faster.
  • The sites support Tor Browser. If You are concerned about your security And Want to use anonymously, then you can visit the website via tor browser.
  • The site also contains old and rare files. The site has the biggest collection of torrent files.


  • Many fake files are there. Due to a considerable number of data. Deleting the harmful content from the site is impossible. So, this site has a lot of data which is full of trojan. So, always be aware before downloading any file
  • Search is not effective. The problem is significant, and it is quite difficult to tackle. As the community grows, the data are anywhere. So it is difficult to find a file.
  • Accused of selling the viewers privacy and using the user’s system power to mine cryptocurrency.
  • Low Surfing speeds and some pop-up-ads

This site has also faced the copyright problems too many time, but they have met all of them, and currently, they are operating on a .org domain.Overall It is one of the best torrent sites.


Rarbg is also one of the oldest torrent sites. The site started in 2008, and until the end of the year, they have to shut down the site due to copyright case from BERIN. This site is well-known for T.V Shows and movies.

And I think you will find all types of movies like Hollywood, Bollywood, Russian, Chinese and I think films from 60’s to these days. So, if you are a movie lover, then go to this site. Like every other site, Rarbg also has some cons. Some of them are:

  1. It is ban In too Many Countries. The biggest problem with any torrent site is that many countries banned them. And Rarbg is prohibited in many countries. Here is the list of counties.
  2. It is only available in the English language.
  3. Adult content is on the website. So, It is not safe for children.

Now let’s Talk about some good parts of the site:

  1. It has more than 500k daily visitor. Then, you can imagine it’s position.
  2. The Alexa rank of the site is about 5k.
  3. This site has a unique collection of movies and e-books. Here, many ebooks are available.

3. Torlock


If you want to earn money only by entertaining yourself, Then you should use this website. Yes, I am not joking. Torlock pays its users if they find any fake torrent files. So, this step clears two things. First, They are concerned about the site security and second, you can earn money by entertaining yourself. So, this is one of the best torrent sites as well as an earning site.It is the best torrent sites ever.

Lets Talk about the pros:

  1. The site is secure with SSL security. So, your connection to the site is safe.
  2. More than 95% torrents are secured. So, there is a very less chance of fake .torrent or any malware.
  3. You can earn money by finding fake torrents. So, if you are searching for torrents and you notice any phony Torrent you can tell the moderators, and they will pay you.

Now the cons:

  1. The database is not massive.
  2. Like other torrent websites, this site also faces the copyright problem.


Just after the closure of Kickass. The site tries to take place and, it was able to get the success. But until the end of 2016. There are some allegations on 1337x about privacy and security concern. But in 2017 1337x returned and fixed all the previous problems and it is working fine now.

The Site was started in 2007 and gained its popularity.


  1. Best to download big files, Like games and software. If you are a game lover, then download from this site.
  2. Now, one of the most secure site to download torrents files.
  3. Alexa rank increased dramatically in 2016.


  1. The owner dodged due to security reasons.
  2. The database is not significant.
  3. The number of seeders is low.


The site is the updated version of torrentz.eu which is one of the best torrent sites. Torrentz.eu was started seven years ago but the website was banned last year. So, the admin of the site came up with a new domain but with all the databases. Technically, this is not a torrent site. This website is like google for the torrent file. If we want to download a movie, then this is the best torrent sites available option.

We just put the name and click on search. And this site shows the torrent files from different torrent sites with Information about seeding and all. It searches the file on 90+ various torrent sites.

The database of torrentz.eu is increasing dramatically. Till now, they indexed about 61,108,886 torrents from 261,074,124 pages on 82 domains. So, this is a huge number. So, Let’s talk about pros and cons:


  • Huge database.
  • No Ads.
  • Simple UI.
  • Powerful search Engine.


  • The connection of the user with the site is not secured. Means your data is not guaranteed.
  • The site is ban in many countries. However, you can use VPNs to access the site.
  • This not a torrent site. It is just a metasearch engine for torrent files.


In a short period. The database of this site became one of the most extensive torrent databases. Currently, the site has more than 4 million torrent files. So, I think you can find the movie or any best torrent music here. So, If you cannot see any torrent files on your favorite platform, Then give a try to this site.

The User interface of the site is Easy to use, and the search algorithm is suitable. The directory is well categorized. So let’s talk about Its pros and cons:


  • Simple user interface.
  • The directory is fully categorized
  • big database
  • Better search result
  • Shows Torrent’s health, seeds, peers, and size.
  • The site is DMCA approved.
  • It also provides a search plugin.
  • Ads Free
  • The site is secured. Means SSL certificate is available on the server.
  • It also Provides a section of verified torrents.
  • Available in different languages.


  • Banned in some Sites.
  • Adult content is openly available as a category. So, this site is not suitable for teens or children.

7.YTS.AG( Best Torrent Site for music 2018)

This torrent site is mainly for movies. And if you have limited data plan, But you are trying to watch the film in better quality. YTS provides video in smallest size with the best quality. It means that you are enjoying HD quality in limited data pack.

This site always changes its domain to protect himself from copyright issues. Currently, it is operating on yts.am. You can also request for any movie which is not available on the site. So, now talk about the pros and cons:


  • Every type of Movie is available on the site. Like Hollywood, Bollywood, and movies in dubbed-language too.
  • The site offers secured connection with SSL certificate.
  • YTS is DMCA approved.
  • Gives you API for remote connections to connect to the blog.
  • They also have a blog.


  • Only movies are available.
  • The site keeps changing their domain.
  • YTS is ban in some countries.


The UI of the site looks old. But We all know that “old is gold.” This ExtraTorrents is also known as a better alternative to Kickass. in 2018, It is one of the most extensive BitTorrent Network. The site is well-categorized, and every file has right seedings. The admins and moderators have worked too hard to make the site better.

This site is ban in only two or three countries. So, now let’s talk about its pros and cons:


  • Torrents are verified. Thus, the chance of malware is too low.
  • SSL certificate secures the Site.
  • Frequently, the torrent files available here are in good health and with the high seeding.
  • The site has also had a community.
  • Files are available in categories too.


  • Adult category is on the homepage.
  • Old files are not available.
  • Ban in some countries.
  • Some Ads are present on the site.


TorrentFunk is one of the oldest and best torrent sites. It has more than  9,853,566 torrent, and  2,655,117 torrents are verified. So, If you want to download only verified files, then use this torrent site.

The only problem with them is that it is banned in many countries. So, now we talk about its pros and cons in short:


  • The site is secured with SSL secured.
  • The site is too fast.
  • You can find almost all type of movies.


  • There are too many adult Ads on the site. So, this is an 18+ site.
  • The site is full of  Click Ads and pop-ups.
  • Banned in many countries.


Demonoid was started in 2003 about 15 years ago. But in its beginning days, it was a private community. But they got too many copyright strikes from the content owner. To join this private community, someone must invite you is already the member of the Flock.

And they have to tie up with different companies. The irritated admins took an excellent decision to make the site public. And now the website is open. Demonoid also provides their  API to connect. Now, here are the pros and cons of the site:


  • The website is secured.
  • No, adult content is on the homepage.
  • The site works as a community.
  • Direct download link is also available.


  • There is still a part of the site which is private.
  • They do not have a massive database, but all the files are verified. So, there is no risk about fake data.
  • They operate with different domains.

10. SkyTorrents

SkyTorrent has indexed 14,975,537 torrent files in a year only. And they are still indexing. And the best part of the site is that there are no Ads. So, you can surf the site and search for your best torrent files without any pop-ups.

The site is available in 6 different primary languages. So, it contains Chinese, Russians and all type of files. Now Let’s get into the pros and cons of the site:


  • This site is available in 6 different languages.
  • They have SSL certificate with a green lock.
  • Skytorrent has a massive database.
  • The site is Ads free.
  • Adult content is not available openly.


  • Banned in some countries.

So, Here the list of best torrent sites end. I hope that this article will help you to find your best torrent music, movies, software, games site. If you have any suggestion or any issue with the article, please comment below.

Downloading Torrent is safe?

Most of us know that many big torrent sites like Kickass torrents Extra torrents had been taken down. And the site admins were arrested due to copyright infringement. Even, Downloading torrents from some sites are not safe. As we all know that vast number of countries were infected by the ransom-ware virus spread via torrent files. So, before downloading any torrent files double check the site and the data. And also read the comment section of that file.

Many counties ban torrent sites, and even many ISp’s also banned the torrent sites. However, you can access the sites with the help of VPN’s like

ExpressVPNPrivate Internet Access VPN, and IPVanish are some of the few services that are known to help out users in remaining anonymous when browsing best torrenting sites and downloading files, so try these out and start browsing when you switch on your machine.

Before Downloading From The best torrent sites, read this!

In counties like America, United Kingdom. Downloading illegal shared of copyrighted material is illegal, and you may have to go to jail. So, please Check your counties law about torrent sites first.

Don’t be confused, peer to peer sharing is legal, but the files shared here are copyrighted. However, uploading these copyrighted files will put you at risk of a civil lawsuit in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and others to be cautious in what you are getting into yourself.


Note: Disclaimer & Torrent Legal Warning

TechsGeeks does not promote the sharing of copyrighted material illegally. But as I mentioned above peer to peer file sharing technology is completely legal, many of the files traded through P2P are indeed copyrighted. Uploading these copyrighted files puts you at risk of a civil lawsuit in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK, at a minimum.

While these lawsuits are often class-action suits, filed against groups of users who blatantly copy and distribute copyrighted materials, some trials are targeted at individual users in an attempt to make an example of them.