Psiphon Handler Apk Free Download Updated 2018

Psiphon handler. It will give a proxy setting option from which you can access the internet for free.


Millions of people are using Psiphon to access websites which are blocked in their country or blocked by their ISPs. This is the best handler to unblock the sites blocked by the ISPs, and it also adds a security layer when we are browsing the internet from free or public WiFi.

What is Psiphon Handler?

These days problem with our privacy, while we are on the internet, is getting more significant day by day. We always hear that our data is on threat and our privacy is compromised while we use the internet. So, Psiphon is a VPN(Virtual Private Network)

And the best part is that it is available for free. Usually, VPNs Costs around 5 dollars for every month. But Psiphon is available for free.

If your ISP is blocking you to access specific sites, Then you can Use this app to access the website.

Features of Psiphon Handler Apk:

  • This version guarantees about the anonymity while surfing the Internet.
  • The additional disconnection problem has been fixed.
  • It is available for free, and there is no need for registration.
  • It Increases the internet speed.
  • Minimal size app.

How to use Psiphon Handler to your Taste.

Just like any application. You want to get the best use of it. All you need do to start using your app right away is:

  • Download the latest Psiphon handler apk.
  • And Open It.


Once the application starts, Simply click on connect and let it connect to the server. And when it is connected, you can browse the Internet anonymously. This version of Psiphon handler 108 UI is developed by Dzebb Handler.

After connecting with Psiphon, you can also use the inbuilt browser. The inbuilt browser is fast and secure. And you can also download movies, videos or any files.

Psiphon Handler Settings:

Psiphon handler settings are different for different country and ISPs. You can quickly search on google for the setting.

 Psiphon handler Settings

  • You can use this app without any root access.
  • This app will work best in 3g or 4g mode.
  • Download Psiphon Handler apk from the link given below.
  • Install Psiphon apk and Click on open.
  • Type the settings as provided by the tricks available on Google.
  • Select “Start”
  • When you start the app click on “Tunnel Whole Device”
  • Click on “I trust this application,” and then select “OK”
  • The application will connect to the server
  • Now just enjoy the free and unlimited internet with high speed!
  • If the method does not work search for other methods, you can find alternate ways on google.

Note: In some countries, Use of VPN is prohibited. So, please be aware of laws. And this article is only for education purpose.

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