How to install manage fonts windows 10

How to install manage fonts windows 10 OS

Hello, Buddies, I have come up with a new Article “How to install manage fonts windows 10” that is very Essential for Windows 10 OS. Windows operating systems typically come with a large number of inbuilt fonts which more or less takes care of all requirements of fonts. However, depending on your condition it may be necessary to install additional fonts. You may need to use stylish, classic, contemporary or fun type fonts depending on your requirements. To do this, you need to install the fonts in your fonts folder so that Windows operating system permits you to use the fonts in the supported applications. Here are useful tips How to install and manage fonts on windows 10 OS.


Understand fonts and their types before you install and use them

It is possible that a new font on the internet is appealing to you, it is essential to verify if that font will be of real use to you before you install and manage fonts on windows 10. If you intend to use those fonts in your printouts, you need to choose fonts that are either postscript or TrueType fonts. The gold standard is postscript, while TrueType fonts are also a good option. How many of the other font faces will look good on a screen but will not be supported by printers and other devices. If you are creating something digitally and are not too concerned about the printout when you can choose any fonts that are supported by Windows 10 OS

Downloading fonts from reputed sites

Once you have identified the font(s) that you wish to use in your system, download them from reputed websites. You need to take two precautions here. One is to ensure that fonts with identical file names are not used, This is mainly because windows fonts manager will be unable to handle files with same names. The second precaution that you need to take is to ensure that the site is a reputed one to prevent malware or virus from being downloaded onto your system.

Installing the files onto your system

After you download the files, you need to either extract them or directly install them out your system. If you have downloaded multiple fonts, then it is highly likely that you will have a zip file that is downloaded. Extract the data to a specific location, and choose the font files to turn wise for installation. Right-click on one file at a time and select install. After your selection Install automatically, font files will appear in Windows 10 OS permitting you to use the font with any application. After you install this file, you will find the particular font included in the fonts menu of the apps you use. For instance, if you are planning to use it in Microsoft Word, if you click on the drop-down menu of fonts, you will find the installed font on the list.

Alternative options for installing font files in windows 10 OS

In case you are on the lookout for an alternative and more straightforward method of font installation, here is an additional option. You need to drag the font face that you have downloaded, onto the fonts folder. Effectively this means that you are placing the download files in the fonts folder. To do this, you need to open the fonts folder and drag the data from the source onto the fonts folder. Bear in mind that this is different from copying and pasting a file.

Removing fonts from windows 10 OS

If you have come across a new and exciting font with a name that is similar to an existing font on your system, it will be necessary to delete the current font. As mentioned earlier fonts with similar names are to be avoided.  Double click and open the fonts folder and choose the font(s) that you wish to delete from your system. It is important to note that there are many system fonts used by windows as default. These are the fonts that are used in the display of the menu and all submenus. These are also the default fonts that are used in all applications that come with the OS.  You need to be careful while removing a font and ensure that you do not exclude a system font by mistake. Choose the font that you wish to remove and right click on it. Select ‘delete’ option, and you will be able to remove the font from your system.

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