Online Dating in 2019: What Should We Wait For?

Online dating has had a significant year in terms of evolution in 2018, and that has led to many people wondering what to expect out of online dating in 2019. Using indicators from foremost online dating companies like Flirt U.K., we’re going to make some conjecture about next year. Some things are going to change and others will remain the same, but it’s important to understand what you can expect out of the next year. Without further ado, here is what you should see next year in online dating.

Online Dating Continues to Be Popular

First and foremost, it is clear that online dating is going to continue to be an incredibly popular way for people to find dates. Millions of individuals all over the world are logging into dating sites regularly in an attempt to find a match that is perfect for them. The ease of dating online combined with elements like personal safety and inexpensiveness are making people comfortable with meeting people through the internet. To some extent, people like finding dates online than meeting them in person at first. Don’t expect this trend to change next year or in the near future for that matter.

Social Media Is Taking The Plunge Into Dating

There have been a lot of companies that have geared themselves towards online dating. One business that has not taken the plunge has been social media, but that is definitely going to change. is becoming the latest dating site sometime next year, and they are going to bring hundreds of millions of clients with them. Granted, a lot of these people are already taken, but this titan in the social media industry is going to make waves for sure. Their overall plan or potential impact is hard to discern, but it could be a major change.

Dating Sites Move Back To The Mainstream

Another change that you can count on next year is that people are going to continue to leave dating apps. Some of the popular dating apps like Tinder hit the market hard, but have continued to fall off because the novelty of finding dates in that manner is unhelpful. People are looking to have meaningful relationships online if they are the least bit mature. Moreover, men in particular are tired of apps like that fueling the narcissism of their fellow peers, so they are not giving them attention on those sites. Instead, expect to see more people come to dating sites to find dates, hookups, and friendly chat with individuals near them.

U.K. Continues To Be A Haven For Online Dates

Another thing that does not seem likely to change is the fact that the United Kingdom will continue to be a very popular online dating hub. The U.K. has hundreds of thousands of eligible daters on websites at any given time of the day or night, with many more registered and looking for love. With so many people on these sites and the sites themselves regaining their former luster, it’s clear that the U.K. will see growth in their dating sites.


Based on our expectations for the future of online dating in 2019, it is clear that there are some things that you can look forward to with respect to this business. For example, be ready for the influx of online daters brought forth by social media, but also think about how the online dating sites in the U.K. will be home to more dates than before. Expect to see some of the younger crowd gravitate towards typical dating sites as well. Overall, there are some very exciting trends that you can look forward to in the near future of online dates!