Top Ten WhatsApp Features

Among dozens of Whatsapp-features, sharing WhatsApp group with other members through a link is also a feature and today we will be sharing with you the complete guide through which you can generate and share your WhatsApp group’s relationship with your friends or known ones. Apart from this, in this article, you will learn about how to join the WhatsApp group through a loop.

But before that, it’s a must that you are using a specific WhatsApp application. You must avoid using any hacked or MOD version of WhatsApp until and unless it is available on a trusted vendor or developers. Now, let’s begin with our guides.

How to share the WhatsApp group link

Recently WhatsApp had added the feature to share the WhatsApp group link. Group member and Admins can share the WhatsApp group link with their friends and contacts to add them in the group.

Before reading the guide, it is suggested that you must install the latest version of WhatsApp on your Smartphone as older version might not have the feature to share the WhatsApp group links list with your friends or even your WhatsApp doesn’t have the option to generate the link of your WhatsApp.


I hope you are using the latest version of WhatsApp. So now let’s begin with the steps.

Note: -Kindly Follow the below mentioned steps so that you can avoid all sort of errors and issues.

Step 1#

Open your WhatsApp Application.

Step 2#

Select the WhatsApp Group whose’s link you want to share with your friends and contacts.

Step 3#

Once you are into the WhatsApp group, navigate to its settings, I.e., Group information.

Step 4#

Scroll down and check for the option to add new member “+.”

Step 5#

While adding a new member, you need to select the “invite new member via a link” option. Once doing it, you will get a link through which you can easily add new members to your group. All you need to do is to forward that particular link to your friends or to whom you want to join.

We hope, you can now share your WhatsApp group link easily. Let us know in the comment section below if you still have some doubt.

Now, let’s have a look over the next guide I.e.

How to join the WhatsApp group through Link

To enter the WhatsApp group through it the link, you have to use the latest version of the WhatsApp Application. If you already have the newest version then follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1#

Open the message which contains the group link shared by an individual.

Step 2#

Click on the click and let WhatsApp verifies it for you.

Step 3#

Once verified you would get a group name if that name is similar to what you were looking then hit the option “join the group.”

Boom! You are now a member of that group. We hope it was a smooth method. If you still have some issue then kindly let us know.

So, these were two guides, and we hope you have no confusion regarding how to join and share the WhatsApp group link.