*Watermarkly* Online Watermark Creator

It is an online web app which you can use for insert a watermark in your images. With using of Watermarkly you can easily create a high-quality watermark in your images, Watermarkly supports many image format if you have an image and you want to insert your text then you can. If your picture is in any format like (JPEG/JIFF, JPEG 2000, Exif, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, etc.) you can easily insert watermark in these formats. Before going on the topic, You want to know a little bit about watermark then I discuss Watermarkly App.

What Is Watermark and Why We Use Watermark?

A watermark is a logo or text superimposed on an image to help prevent an image being copied or allow others to know where it was copied from and who owns the right. You can see below the picture for an example of a watermark.

Because it is a good method to safe your photo or image against any theft. Of course, by applying watermark on a photo doesn’t guarantee that nobody will steal it, You can use watermark as a powerful marketing tool. It can help you as a photographer increase your visibility online and drive traffic to your website.

The idea that is obtrusive and will automatically distract the viewer’s attention from the image doesn’t stand as long as you create a tasteful, subtle watermark and place it in the right corner and where you want and also you can use the best online watermarking tool which is Watermarkly.

What is Watermarkly ?

Watermarkly is an online watermark maker tool in an image. You can you this awesome tool for creating watermark on your image in high quality. This online web app is very famous among Photographers, Marketers and Brand Companies, etc. With the help of this app, you can easily create a high quality watermarked image very fastly and safely. And also this has a decent feature which is cropping you can also use this app for crop any image quickly.

Features of Watermarkly

  • You can add custom watermark on 5o Images in Just 5 mins.
  • Here you can insert custom watermark with your logo and text.
  • You can add transparent and opaque watermarks in your image instantly.
  • You Resize your photos which you want to upload online.
  • You can easily import your photos from your PC, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
  • Instantly upload an download your photos.
  • You can create amazing watermarked photos on Watermarkly.

It is fully customizable like :

  • You can normally add text and logos in every combination. Make them translucent for unobtrusive protection or fill photos with them.
  • You can easily add your Name and your Logo.
  • It can add transparent watermark in photos.
  • And you can add repeated watermarks.
  • You can use one of the best 400 premium fonts.
  • Also, you can add image numbers in images.


Watermarkly is Fully Private and Safe for use

You don’t need to install any software in your Computer. It is a web-based application, It doesn’t require any software to be installed in your Pc. We don’t store you any private photos in our database and we never get access to them. In our company, no one can access your photos and your files. Your files are always yours and secured. Watermarkly always establishes secured connections only.

Automatic & Manual Watermark Position

You can upload all of your images into Watermarkly web application and you are able to watermark all images at once. This will automatically scale watermark for Portraits, Landscapes, and Crops. In smaller images, you get smaller watermark and larger images you get larger watermark.

Also, you can disable the option of auto-scale, if you want to change watermark placement for particular images in the batch. Normally click the Preview button on the settings screen, click through your photos and adjust watermark’s position where it’s necessary.

Best Performances of Watermarkly

Instantly uploading and downloading of small images and large images. Pick a photo from your computer and start watermarking on them instantly. If your connection is slow and you have slow then don’t worry about in Watermarkly uploading and downloading are very instant and fast.

In this web app, you can process several photos at once. If your photo is larger or smaller than others then, the watermark size will be changed automatically to the perfect image of your size.

We never say you for the wait in queue for your photos for watermarking. We start immediately when you click on the Watermark Photos Button.  All these features are supported on our free plan.

If you want to watermark thousands of images, then you can easily watermarked them all. It processes photos in parallel and can handle up to 50,000 photos easily.

Resize Your Photos Quickly

Just drag your photos into the Watermarkly Resizer app and it will resize them as necessary. Original files won’t be modified on Pc.

Best Performance of Our Watermarkly Resizer App

You will not wait in queue for your photos for Resizing. Our image resizer processes them quickly when you click on the button “Resize Images” we immediately resize your Photo and As know our Uploading and Downloading feature are very well. So, you don’t need to wait.

If you want to resize thousands of Photos at once, then you can. It resizes photos in parallel and can handle up to 50,000 photos easily and normally. If your browser is getting run out of memory, our application will offer you a desktop app automatically.

Watermarkly Image Resizer Are Private And Safe

Our Image resizing application is a web application. You don’t need to install any software on your Computer. It works in browser perfectly and you don’t need to install any additional software and plugins in your Computer and your Web Browser.

We don’t keep your images on our database and on our servers there is no way we can access them. No one in our company can access your personal data, files, and your photos. You are full secure when you are using our Tool.


Here, These are the awesome features of Watermarkly Web Application. By using of this app you can easily watermark any Photo and also resize your Photos with awesome quality. And don’t forget to share with your friends, family, and your Colleague.