5 Best Android Apps Not Found on Play Store

best android apps

The Google Play store is a nice resource which will enhance your mobile experience. It offers android users access to over one million apps, like Facebook, and Instagram, among thousands of others, however what does one do when Google unexpectedly pulls an app from its marketplace?

Google has removed apps from the Play store for different of reasons, the most common being that they violate the company’s policy. You may not have been aware that apps not accessible within the Play store will still be installed on your android device through a method called “side loading.”

5 Best Android Apps Not Found on Play Store


First hello to you in our web site, GBWhatsapp is a similar version of WhatsApp have too several superb options and a lot of privacy choices and themes.

 GBWhatsapp apk have completely different package name thus you’ll be able to use 2 applications of WhatsApp in same android device, and that we continuously offer you new updates for GBWhatsapp, thus enjoy to use the superb options of GBWhatsapp with none worry to stops updates, Or any harm to your phone due to GBWhatsapp is 100% safe for android.

 Ad Guard

Already know that the ads may siphon web quota by 80 percent? Well, with Adguard you’ll be able to take away the ads on android simply while not root. Not simply saving quota, Adguard additionally helpful to safeguard android smartphone you from malware.

Why Google blocked Adguard from the Play Store? Android apps became out-of-bounds due to conflict with Google AdSense that became Google’s own ad media.


Everyone has experienced the irritation and annoyance of managing commercial ads, that randomly pop from all over and take you to a different page due to an accidental click.

Most of the free apps you download are ad-supported however that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid these interruptions. AdAway may be a free, open source ad-blocker that blocks ads in each app on your device saving you from the obtrusive ads and your precious time moreover. But it works only on rooted android devices and occasionally will damage the functioning of some apps.


Fildo is an application Spotify Premium free.

Yes, with Fildo you’ll be able to access and download several songs accessible from a range of music content providers on the web. Free!


Not simply the name, however functions of this app also are the same as Apple’s iTunes app. XTunes is far and away the simplest app for Android users to download and play music whereas on the go.

It permits you to not simply download them however additionally store them on your storage, practicality sometimes not accessible in other apps from Google Play Store. XTunes contains a very wide collection of prime quality songs starting from the old classics to the newest releases and covers most well-liked genres from country to jazz & blues and popular music genre. One of the hanging options that provide it a lot of advantage that songs come with pre-filled correct data that helps you organize your collection more with efficiency without a lot of efforts.