Best Word Games for Android

Everyone loves to play games but according to their choice. So today I am going to share word games for android which you never have seen before anywhere.


“WORDATHON” is a classic word game for everyone. Anyone can play the game where we have to make a word by tap and drag in any direction horizontally, vertically, and diagonally or zigzag motion. In this game users are not wasting time, they are learning something from it. Parental control and it do not share your data to the third party. It is also safe for children also. Most of the words are a comprehensive dictionary. You can check the common and complex words in it. You can also checkout scrabble word finder for amazing word games.

2. 4 PICS 1 WORD

There are so many word games available in Playstore which provides something new in it and make them unique in their own way like that this game is having a separate fan base because of the interface of that. In this game, we have to identify 4 pictures which are related to a particular word. There will be some letters given below which will be the second clue to identify the images. Those 4 pictures and letters make only one word for which you have to identify. It’s easy and also children can play. For learning purpose, this is the best application mostly kids or students should use this because it can make their mind active and it also helps them to have a great vocabulary. You can also cheat at sometimes. As there is an option of Guessing.


A Crossword puzzle is counted in stress-free games and it can say that it is in educational purpose. The game is well known as a brain game where the mind gets relaxation and stress-free. It increases IQ and the best part of this is not complicated at all. It can be played whenever you want. It is free no additional amount is asked. Vocabulary can be good here.


It is a colorful word searcher and an interesting game. It works a little bit like Boggle and Scrabble mixed together. All we get a set of letters where you have made words. You mix them up and find various words. It’s definitely not a new concept because word making is an old concept but making it different and unique is all developers had done. It is tough to make different from others as an application whereas everybody has worked on the same concept.


This game says to make your vocabulary strong. This one is an easy game as compared to all games. Here, all we need to notice some the patterns cause the word can be made this the pattern so make the possible or find out the obscure but legal words. And for finding words focus on prefixes and suffixes, possible prefixes are DE, DIS, RE, and UN. Common suffixes are AL, ED, ER, ES, ING, LY, S. If we had once found EAT then there will ATE and TEA also. The words can be of plural or in the past present or future tense. Different from others and it doesn’t affect much.