7 Features the Best VPN for Windows Should Have

The VPN market is expanding rapidly, and the available options are growing exponentially. More consumers have decided to download a VPN to their Windows device, but choosing the perfect option can be challenging.

There are many reasons why individuals decide a VPN is necessary. First, cybersecurity has become one of the main issues causing consumers to seek the help of a VPN. Data-encryption and the confidence that comes with it has made VPNs quite popular.

Second, geo-blocking has become a rapidly growing trend, which is frustrating consumers from around the world. Many of them are using VPNs to bypass these blocks and regain access to content they have long enjoyed.

Using a VPN is simple enough, but finding and buying one from numerous providers can be a challenge. What should you consider when shopping for a Windows VPN? Here are 7 features the best VPN for Windows should have included.

  1. Locations

A major reason why people use VPNs is to evade geo-blocked content. Whether they are EU citizens impacted by the GDPR or fans of a show only available in certain countries, users love the ability to appear to be accessing the internet from a different location.

Most VPNs on the market have a limited number of servers around the world, and may not have one in the location you need. Take this into account when choosing a VPN to be sure you will have access to the content you need.

  • Mobile Compatibility

Windows offers a lot more than just an OS for desktop computers. Nevertheless, there are quite a few VPNs on the market that are compatible only with desktop PCs. If you are using a Windows mobile device, look for a VPN that offers a mobile app.

A VPN is essential when you are using a Windows mobile device on the road. Unsecure Wi-Fi networks are havens for hackers, who are looking for access to vulnerable devices. A VPN mobile app encrypts your data and keeps your device secure even when you connect to the public Wi-Fi network at the local coffee shop.

  • DNS Masking

When you type in a web address, a process occurs called the Domain Name System (DNS) resolution. This turns the domain name into an IP address, which guides you to the appropriate website. This process is usually handled by the Internet Service Provider (ISP), effectively letting your ISP know every site you visit and other relevant details.

Many people value privacy and anonymity, and therefore find this process unacceptable. If you want to keep your browsing data private, search for a VPN that can mask the DNS resolution process.

  • Guaranteed No Logging

Each VPN provider has a different policy towards logging user data. This means some VPN providers might save your browsing data for months or longer, making it susceptible to accidental or intentional discovery by other parties.

VPN shoppers should look for a service that does not keep any logs on its users. This can be tricky, because many VPN services can be ambiguous regarding their logging practices. It may pay off to carefully review every provider’s Privacy Policy to see if there is any suspicious language referencing the handling of data.

  • Router Compatibility

Many VPN users download their VPN to a single device and leave every other device connected to the network vulnerable. It is a very good idea to take the extra step and set up a VPN for your entire network, protecting all of your Windows devices.

If you are interested in setting up a VPN for your entire network, you need to find a compatible router and a VPN provider that supports this process. A special setup is required to achieve a network-wide VPN, but is often worth the effort.

  • OpenVPN Capability

As of now, OpenVPN offers the most secure connection out of all VPN solutions. There are many methods a VPN can employ to create the encryption tunnel, however, OpenVPN uses the safest protocol available. Insist on finding a VPN that uses this encryption protocol.

  • Pricing

When it comes to data security, some consumers will pay just about anything. This does not have to be the case when choosing a VPN. There are many high-quality VPNs for Windows that provide first-class security at a reasonable cost.

With that said, it is important that your choice is not based on pricing alone. There are VPNs that cost very little and provide only limited services. Evaluate your budget and compare the features, functions and services of VPN products in a similar pricing category before deciding that cheaper is better. Hint: it’s not.


In the next six years, the VPN market will triple in dollar value. This rapid growth is leading to a significant increase in available VPN choices. This list of 7 features the best VPN for Windows should have is a perfect guide to help you narrow down your options.

Maplestory 2 Guide to Leveling and Endgame

Maplestory 2 brings players into a colorful blocky world they can explore to their heart’s content. Like most MMOs, there are quests to do, things to craft, and dungeons to complete. The game even allows players to customize certain areas in the word, giving emphasis to creativity and self-expression.

Thus far, players haven’t figured out how to level up without doing the main quest. However, completing it is a great way to get Maplestory 2 Mesos (the game’s main currency) along the way. Without further ado, here’s how to get to max level, and what to do afterward.

Levels 1-50

Undertaking the main quest can get players to level 50 in the most efficient manner. Other methods of leveling up seem rather impractical comparedto this unless they figure out a faster way. Besides the Mesos, you can also get potions and equipment which will prepare you for the next stage of leveling.

Levels 50-60

By the time you get to level 50, it’s optional to go up to 60. The main way to do this is through running dungeons. You’ll also get the equipment you can use for later dungeons through this method. Some of them you can enhance and upgrade to improve your dungeon completing abilities. Just by grinding, you’ll also get precious Mesos to spend.

Daily Quests

Daily quests are also available to characters level 50 and above. Each day brings a new set of challenges, and the rewards from these quests aren’t bad either. They reward onyx crystals, which enhancing equipment requires. The more of these you do, the better your equipment could be.

Equipment Enhancement

There are two types of equipment enhancements, depending on which NPC you interact with. One costs fewer resources than the other, but every successful enhancement will lower the chances for the next one. The other costs more resources but is a guaranteed success. Therefore, to save up on resources it’s recommended to use the first method first. When the success rate becomes too small, switch to the second.

Endgame Activities

You’re still going to run dungeons, maybe to get more Mesos, or to complete a full set of epic gear. There’s also collecting trophies. Some of them reward skill points, which are important in the endgame and near-endgame activities. Others will give you items or equipment to help you progress.

In Conclusion

Do the main quest and you can get to level 50. After that, you can do daily quests and complete your trophy collection. There’s equipment collecting and enhancement to do as well. However, the most important thing is to enjoy the game. If you think that’s not enough activities, don’t worry. The game is still new so you can expect more and more things to do in future updates.

So that’s all for this article. Go and start your adventure through the Maplestory 2 universe and enjoy!

Summary: A short guide on how to level up on Maplestory 2, as well as some activities to do in the endgame. The main quest is the main activity up to level 50, where you can also collect Maplestory 2 mesos as well as other consumable items. After that, you start to run dungeons, which also rewards equipment and resources.

Public School Teacher’s Guide to Funding Classroom Supplies

The ability of many schools to provide high-quality classroom materials is seriously undermined by a lack of funding. If fact, this problem sometimes gets so serious that the teachers have to spend money out of their pockets to provide their students with classroom supplies.

According to the report by USA Today, 90% of teachers claimed that they spend money out of their pockets on notebooks, pens, pencils, and other materials. The average amount they spent on classroom supplies was about $500. However, these sums can exceed $1,000 depending on the purpose of classroom materials.

These facts point to the fact that sometimes teachers are the only ones who are genuinely interested in providing quality education to their students. Nevertheless, there are ways teachers can find funds for classroom supplies to provide their students with maximum materials.

So, how and where can you get the necessary funds?


One of the most widespread ways to get funds for classroom supplies is applying for a grant. There are many grant programs available to educators from public schools to help them find funds for classroom supplies. There are two types of grants available to educators from public schools:

Federal grants: these grants are issued by the U.S. government to help support teachers and provide money for classroom supplies. The most trusted resources you can browse to find suitable federal funding programs are:

  • Grants.gov: this platform provides you with the full information on the existing federal grants. You just type in the keyword and the website will find you the funding programs according to your request.
  • Teacher Quality Partnership Grant Program: provided by the U.S. Department of Education, this program covers multiple grants with the total funds of $5.1 million. These grants cover various educational purposes, including helping public schools fund classroom supplies.

Private Grants:

Private grants are provided by local companies as well as big multinational corporations, who want to support private schools and fund various educational programs.

You can find private grants by subscribing to the following resources:

  • Teach.com: this website provides fully updated information on the available grants for public school teachers. Among them, you can find ones that will help you fund classroom supplies.
  • DonorsChoose.org: by entering the information about the location of your school, you’ll be able to fund local private funding programs to help you get money for getting classroom supplies.

You can also communicate with your local business to find out about the possible cooperation to help your public school fund classroom supplies. For instance, local business helped Chicopee elementary school fund a field trip. You can do the same by cooperating with a local business to help raise funds for classroom supplies.


Recently, this way of raising money has become one of the most popular. This can be explained by the fact the grants aren’t always available or the applicants don’t always qualify.

Crowdfunding resources can help teachers raise funds for classroom supplies. In fact, crowdfunding can provide financial support to a wide variety of both private and public organizations, from private individuals to small businesses like top essay writing services and even to multinational corporations.

There are a lot of crowdfunding resources, but the most active ones are:

  • GoFundMe: this is a crowdfunding platform for various purposes. It’s a great way for public school teachers to tell the world about the needs of their students and raise funds to provide classroom supplies.
  • Kickstarter: if you have some innovative ideas for your students but don’t have money to provide necessary classroom supplies to fulfill your ideas, you can visit Kickstarter to help raise funds for your innovative purposes.

Education is Worth Investing

Having necessary classroom supplies is necessary to provide students with a good education. Public school teachers often face the lack of funds when it comes to classroom supplies, but with grants and other funding opportunities every dedicated public school teacher can provide students with all necessary equipment and make sure that they get the education they deserve.

About the author: Daniela McVicker is an established writer and an editor at GrabMyEssay. She’s a former K-12 teacher who has a blog, where she writes posts about issues in education as well as gives valuable tips to teachers who are inspired to provide high-quality education to their students.

How to get started in UX UI design for beginners without experience

The modern world is full of varied useful technologies. Today, people prefer to do everything online. You can even earn money through the Internet. There are many variants to work online. In this article, we will tell you how to become a UX UI designer.

How to start a career in UI / UX design

Nowadays, people are very creative and always try to invent something new. The modern world is rather complicated and people are always in a hurry. However, there are many great technologies that are able to simplify our daily life. Today, people prefer to do everything online. You can even earn money through the Internet. There are many variants to work online, but still, UX/UI design is one of the best among others. It sounds to be very hard to start a career in this sphere, but still, the game is worth the candle. You need to learn the main information and get to know how to use certain tools. There are many companies that require hiring a well-educated UI/UX designer. Some of them can even give you some courses and you will practice your knowledge. You just need to spend a bit of your time and efforts.

What are UX / UI Designs?

Today, programming is one of the most widespread ways to earn money. Web design is a deep and interesting sphere. You may have heard a lot about varied kinds of design. However, UX / UI designers are the most required among others. Both of these branches are breathtaking for creative people. These spheres refer to websites creation. You can find out many bright websites with an amazing interface and many different options. It is the result of UX/UI designers’ work.

Difference between UX and UI

Speaking about the UI design, it is for those who want to work with the visual part of the website. These specialists work with various pictures, gifts, texts, etc. As for the UX design, it fits for those who would like to work with various programming languages. These specialists work with the functions of the website. This part operates different actions (to fulfill the form, click the button, etc.). In other words, UI design is for user interface and UX design is for user experience.

How to Become a UX / UI Designer?

Nowadays, there are many people who want to work in a web design sphere. All of them are searching for information on how to become a UX UI designer on online sources. Actually, it does not really matter whether you want to become a user experience designer or you want to become a user interface designer. Both specializations require learning programming languages and some tools. You can look through UX consulting firms here https://qubstudio.com/. In any way, both branches are very interesting and take some time and efforts.

What do you need to know?

Web design is a rather complicated but very interesting sphere. If you want to become a well-educated specialist, you should understand the main principles of this profession. So, what does a UX UI designer do? You can choose one branch between UX and UI or you can study both of them. Today, there is much information on the Internet. UX UI designer should create the visual part of the website (find out and prepare photos, pictures, texts) and work with programming languages to add some options and functions.

Skills you need to have

In order to become a good specialist, you must be careful and attentive. You need to concentrate on the design. To understand the main essence of the design, it’ll be better to look through numerous portfolios of other specialists. Also, you need to study special tools. You’ll work with RedPen (collaboration), Balsamiq (to create a layout), Sketch (interface), Invision App (prototyping), Figma (interface with collaboration), Adobe XD (prototyping).

Basically, both spheres are very interesting. If you do not know what to choose whether to become a UX designer or to become a UI designer, you can study both branches. There are special courses that will provide you with special books and useful info. Also, you can look through various blogs where designers share their portfolios with others. In any way, if UX UI design is interesting for you, just spend your time and study all the necessary tools and programs.

Next Generation Dating Technologies

More and more men and women in search of love decide to look for that special someone overseas instead of finding a partner in their home country. Why does it happen? Each has their own reasons, but most often, people are not satisfied with the cultural level of their compatriots, a large number of bad habits, and, of course, insufficient material security for creating a family. Thus, dating sites are so popular nowadays, and they grow and develop every day. Today, we will talk about some of the best innovative dating sites out there.

There are several ways to get acquainted with a foreign person. You can register on international dating services, use regular dating sites (which also allow for finding citizens of other countries), or you can choose the sites of the particular country that attracts you.

First of all, to communicate normally on international dating sites, you need to have at least some basic knowledge of a foreign language and, of course, use translators (Google translator is just fine). Sure, it is not necessary to translate difficult, long phrases since the program does not always do it correctly; it is better to work with limited and simple phrases. Visit Casa Dating for all of your dating needs!

Also, I would like to say that, in the USA and Europe, most of the dating sites have paid registration, and they are more popular than free ones. Typically, paid dating sites are large services with a proven reputation. It is believed that this shows the seriousness of intentions, and on such sites, people are looking for their soul mate. There are also sites where registration is free, and for an additional fee, you get more opportunities. Judging by the reviews of many dating websites, it seems that sites that you have to pay for are much better.

Meetic is the largest dating site in Europe which is available in 38 languages. The site has about 45 million users. Registration on the site is free. Here, you can meet a girl or a guy from any country in Europe. Meetic also offers the opportunity to meet people from Asian countries. The site is only for people with traditional sexual orientation. For others, there is another version of this service (link to it is present on the main site).

AnastasiaDate is an international dating website that specializes in meeting people from different countries. It was founded by a Russian-American couple who met through a dating service. For women, registration on the site is free. The average age of women on the site is 25-45; the average age of men is 35-60. There are more than 4 million registered users here. Basically, women from Europe meet American men for serious relationships and marriage, and it is considered one of the best international websites.

eHarmony is a dating site for single men and women for long-term relationships. It uses its own unique compatibility analysis technology which is the basis of this dating service. During registration, users must fill in a profile which consists of 258 questions. Based on the responses received, the site offers you matches that suit you best. Unfortunately, your profile may not be accepted for registration if, based on your answers, the service decides that you are not suitable for them.

The frequency of failures is about 1 out of 5, and the main reasons for that may vary. For instance, if you’ve been through 4 failed marriages or more, you are married at the time of registration, you are under 21, or the answers to questions contradict each other, you may not be eligible. So, if you want to register on the site, the process of filling out the questionnaire should be taken seriously.

Despite such difficulties during registration, this approach is a perfect way to eliminate unwanted candidates, and the chances of finding a partner for serious relationships increase. Registration on the site is free, but to get access to basic functions, including messaging, you need to upgrade your profile.