Public School Teacher’s Guide to Funding Classroom Supplies

The ability of many schools to provide high-quality classroom materials is seriously undermined by a lack of funding. If fact, this problem sometimes gets so serious that the teachers have to spend money out of their pockets to provide their students with classroom supplies.

According to the report by USA Today, 90% of teachers claimed that they spend money out of their pockets on notebooks, pens, pencils, and other materials. The average amount they spent on classroom supplies was about $500. However, these sums can exceed $1,000 depending on the purpose of classroom materials.

These facts point to the fact that sometimes teachers are the only ones who are genuinely interested in providing quality education to their students. Nevertheless, there are ways teachers can find funds for classroom supplies to provide their students with maximum materials.

So, how and where can you get the necessary funds?


One of the most widespread ways to get funds for classroom supplies is applying for a grant. There are many grant programs available to educators from public schools to help them find funds for classroom supplies. There are two types of grants available to educators from public schools:

Federal grants: these grants are issued by the U.S. government to help support teachers and provide money for classroom supplies. The most trusted resources you can browse to find suitable federal funding programs are:

  • this platform provides you with the full information on the existing federal grants. You just type in the keyword and the website will find you the funding programs according to your request.
  • Teacher Quality Partnership Grant Program: provided by the U.S. Department of Education, this program covers multiple grants with the total funds of $5.1 million. These grants cover various educational purposes, including helping public schools fund classroom supplies.

Private Grants:

Private grants are provided by local companies as well as big multinational corporations, who want to support private schools and fund various educational programs.

You can find private grants by subscribing to the following resources:

  • this website provides fully updated information on the available grants for public school teachers. Among them, you can find ones that will help you fund classroom supplies.
  • by entering the information about the location of your school, you’ll be able to fund local private funding programs to help you get money for getting classroom supplies.

You can also communicate with your local business to find out about the possible cooperation to help your public school fund classroom supplies. For instance, local business helped Chicopee elementary school fund a field trip. You can do the same by cooperating with a local business to help raise funds for classroom supplies.


Recently, this way of raising money has become one of the most popular. This can be explained by the fact the grants aren’t always available or the applicants don’t always qualify.

Crowdfunding resources can help teachers raise funds for classroom supplies. In fact, crowdfunding can provide financial support to a wide variety of both private and public organizations, from private individuals to small businesses like top essay writing services and even to multinational corporations.

There are a lot of crowdfunding resources, but the most active ones are:

  • GoFundMe: this is a crowdfunding platform for various purposes. It’s a great way for public school teachers to tell the world about the needs of their students and raise funds to provide classroom supplies.
  • Kickstarter: if you have some innovative ideas for your students but don’t have money to provide necessary classroom supplies to fulfill your ideas, you can visit Kickstarter to help raise funds for your innovative purposes.

Education is Worth Investing

Having necessary classroom supplies is necessary to provide students with a good education. Public school teachers often face the lack of funds when it comes to classroom supplies, but with grants and other funding opportunities every dedicated public school teacher can provide students with all necessary equipment and make sure that they get the education they deserve.

About the author: Daniela McVicker is an established writer and an editor at GrabMyEssay. She’s a former K-12 teacher who has a blog, where she writes posts about issues in education as well as gives valuable tips to teachers who are inspired to provide high-quality education to their students.