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Affiliate Marketing — Top Trends For 2019

When thinking about ways to increase one’s income, affiliate marketing is certainly one of the most popular. Not only does it allow you to find a great business partner, but you can expand your opportunities. The growing prevalence of affiliate marketing and networks like Topoffers necessitates a closer examination of the top expected trends of 2019, and we’re going to take a quick look at them here.

CPA Will Continue Its Growth Trend

One of the ways that you can expect affiliate marketing to appear in 2019 is following the success of 2018- fresh on the heels of a successful year for CPA marketing. In the present day, CPA is often seen as the easiest and best way to start affiliate marketing especially with the help of a competent network. The Cost Per Action design of these networks is helping companies generate new leads from different corners of the internet. Not only are new customers finding themselves in unique places on the web, but these visitors are being converted into successful sales. For that reason among many others, you can expect to see a growing volume of customers in this particular realm of affiliate marketing. Thus, a lot of people that have never considered this kind of marketing are now coming around after seeing the success of those who took the plunge.

Niche Marketing Will Continue To Spread

Another offshoot of affiliate marketing that is continuing to spread will be niche marketing. There are a lot of companies that have opted to make their money in the “big” markets like online dating and other social media applications. However, there is an ever-growing push to be a part of niche markets on the part of some affiliates. For example, it is not altogether unusual to see people working into health marketing for a specific subset of the population like people that suffer from arthritis. These niches require more finesse to get into but are ultimately profitable for those who put in the work.

Companies Will Embrace Native Marketing Even More

Affiliate marketing went through some clunky early years where you could see advertisements that stood out from the website’s offerings to such a great deal that they were never clicked on. The solution to this issue has been native marketing. For people who are on forums about working out, people will be more likely to see supplements and other useful advertisements than for pet food. Even without that extreme example, it is easy to see why people are going to be more receptive to native marketing and why big companies will see fit to utilize these forms of marketing in the future.

Small Businesses Will Enter The Fray In Greater Numbers Than Ever

Usually, small personal businesses did not invest much in their online presence. Now, it is almost unusual to find a small business that does not have a website at least. These companies are going to leverage their websites to bring customers to their affiliates while earning a little more money on the site. As the number of small businesses that are online growing, they will continue to work within affiliate networks to provide mutual benefits for everyone.


There are not many untapped markets left for the internet, so the changes for 2019 are not going to be extreme with regards to affiliate marketing. However, the fact remains that the trends for CPA affiliate marketing are going to be strong through the next year alongside more well-directed advertisements. It’s best to be prepared now by taking a closer look at your marketing and see what improvements you can make now.

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