When we say that a user-friendly UI makes the best social media experience the first name that comes in anyone’s mind is WhatsApp. A clean chatting app that has managed to keep more than 200 million active users in India alone. With stats that high and almost nothing to go wrong with a social media app that has no ads to annoy its users seems almost perfect to one group of people while still not satisfying all the cravings of social addictions.

GbWhatsapp is said to be the best-modded version of the original application and has around 10 million users all around the globe. In other words, it is a premium version of Whatsapp that is yet to be unveiled by Whatsapp.

The one thing that WhatsApp has made no improvement over the years and we don’t expect it in the coming future either is customizability. The app works on a neat, simple UI that can’t be disturbed. Gb whatsapp is a solution on the internet developed by has.007, a senior XDA member and this mod is based on WhatsApp Plus, a mod that has been closed by WhatsApp.



  1.    SETTING>Security>Unknown sources.
  2.    Uninstall the official version and download GBWhatsApp from any internet source.
  3.    Login in the usual way with the help of OTP.


Features of GbWhatsapp –

1)    It allows you to search over the web for Gif’s and other information while you’re still having a chat with a user on the app.

2)    The application helps users to forward messages and images to more than 600 contacts at once.

3)    GbWhatsapp allows one to send files up to 50 MB at one go in the form of images or docs.

4)    The fourth feature is that the app allows people to track other users using a live tracking system that is inbuilt in the application.

5)    Fifth and the final feature is that the application allows its users to lock in and out of chat whenever they want it to happen, you can lock in a chat when some sensitive/private messages are shared.



This mod makes everything inside the app possible with some beneficial features. It increases privacy options ranging from freezing last seen to auto-reply, customizable appearance, the better capacity of media sharing and the most important one-no compromising in the quality of shared files. Some characters for status and sending all files at once. Allows one to save stories directly to the phone and distinguishes between normal and broadcast messages. Just like snapchat one can change privacy for selected contacts, can send 90 pictures at once and high-quality media up to 50 MB.

Just like other mods most people would think that this version might not be as secure as the official version. When it comes to security the only obvious reason why it would seem as secured is that you are not using an app under the company. This doesn’t keep the lakhs of people using this mod away because of its likability. With so many people using it with no complains it could be called safe enough. Let us know about your experiences with both the apps.

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