How To Remove CRC-SHA From Context Menu In Windows 10/7/8 latest 2018

How To Remove CRC-SHA From Context Menu In Windows 10/7/8 latest 2018

Hello, Buddies In this Article Going to tell You how to remove CRC-SHA entry from Context Menu in Windows 10.

If you have Installed the Latest Version 15.12 of the 7-zip file in Your Windows 10 then probably you noticed that some CRC-SHA file added automatically Maybe it is one of the types CRC-32, CRC-64, SHA-1, and SHA-256, etc. and can be entries display into the folder content menu and right after clicking.

What is 7-zip File?

It is one of the Most Popular Free and Open source File Compressor and Decompression programme available for Windows and Linux similar to Winrar, But it has some Extra advanced Features to Compression and Decompression It is built by Igor Pavlov and was the first Launch in 1999. 7Zip uses its 7z archive format but can read and write several other archive formats including BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP, WIM, CAB, MSI, ISO, MBR, EXT, NTFS, FAT and much more.

What is CRC-SHA?

CRC stands for the Cyclic Redundancy Check and Most Commonly Used For the Detecting/Identifying the Coincidental Changes Made with Data in storage Devices or Digital Networks.In this verification process, the network Systems use the Number of Steps in the data or content Matter. So, the Data that is entering the network devices will get a sort value attachment. It is based on the remainder of the number of Steps.The process will be repeated and analyzed, and if there is an Imbalance in the checked values, then the data is corrupted.Through this, we Can analyze the data and take necessary action to correct the corrupt data.

What is SHA?

SHA stands for The Secure Hash Algorithm, It is Built and maintained by the National Security Agency Of U.S. It is frequently used to determine the integrity of downloaded data from the web to ensure that the data that downloaded was not corrupt or Fully Safe while transmission or due to other reasons.

There is vast Number of tools Available to Calculate the CRC-SHA value that Might be not able to Remove all CRC-SHA file, To remove CRC SHA entry from right-click menu in Latest version of Windows10, follow the given below instructions without any deviations it will successfully remove the CRC-SHA.

Procedure to remove the CRC-SHA entry from the windows10 from context Menu:

Here are the Basic steps needed to remove CRC SHA from Context Menu in Windows 10 or Even in any Version of Windows.So, You need to have to Install the 7-Zip file manager in the system for removing the CRC SHA.

Step 1: First of all Open 7-Zip File Manager by Manually typing in the search box or Say in the Cortana.


Step 2: After Opening the 7-Zip File Manager Then now you need to Click or Choose Tools menu and select options button.


Step 3: Now After that to enter the Options Menu Switch into the 7-Zip tab Under Context menu of items section, uncheck the checkbox labeled CRC-SHA >, and then click Apply button to Removal of CRC SHA from the context menu.


Note: If Might you find any error Notification like below Mentioned, Or An event was unable to invoke any of the subscribers, then don’t get Overcome Keep patience just click OK button to remove the CRC-SHA from your system.



Conclusions :

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