Next Generation Dating Technologies

More and more men and women in search of love decide to look for that special someone overseas instead of finding a partner in their home country. Why does it happen? Each has their own reasons, but most often, people are not satisfied with the cultural level of their compatriots, a large number of bad habits, and, of course, insufficient material security for creating a family. Thus, dating sites are so popular nowadays, and they grow and develop every day. Today, we will talk about some of the best innovative dating sites out there.

There are several ways to get acquainted with a foreign person. You can register on international dating services, use regular dating sites (which also allow for finding citizens of other countries), or you can choose the sites of the particular country that attracts you.

First of all, to communicate normally on international dating sites, you need to have at least some basic knowledge of a foreign language and, of course, use translators (Google translator is just fine). Sure, it is not necessary to translate difficult, long phrases since the program does not always do it correctly; it is better to work with limited and simple phrases. Visit Casa Dating for all of your dating needs!

Also, I would like to say that, in the USA and Europe, most of the dating sites have paid registration, and they are more popular than free ones. Typically, paid dating sites are large services with a proven reputation. It is believed that this shows the seriousness of intentions, and on such sites, people are looking for their soul mate. There are also sites where registration is free, and for an additional fee, you get more opportunities. Judging by the reviews of many dating websites, it seems that sites that you have to pay for are much better.

Meetic is the largest dating site in Europe which is available in 38 languages. The site has about 45 million users. Registration on the site is free. Here, you can meet a girl or a guy from any country in Europe. Meetic also offers the opportunity to meet people from Asian countries. The site is only for people with traditional sexual orientation. For others, there is another version of this service (link to it is present on the main site).

AnastasiaDate is an international dating website that specializes in meeting people from different countries. It was founded by a Russian-American couple who met through a dating service. For women, registration on the site is free. The average age of women on the site is 25-45; the average age of men is 35-60. There are more than 4 million registered users here. Basically, women from Europe meet American men for serious relationships and marriage, and it is considered one of the best international websites.

eHarmony is a dating site for single men and women for long-term relationships. It uses its own unique compatibility analysis technology which is the basis of this dating service. During registration, users must fill in a profile which consists of 258 questions. Based on the responses received, the site offers you matches that suit you best. Unfortunately, your profile may not be accepted for registration if, based on your answers, the service decides that you are not suitable for them.

The frequency of failures is about 1 out of 5, and the main reasons for that may vary. For instance, if you’ve been through 4 failed marriages or more, you are married at the time of registration, you are under 21, or the answers to questions contradict each other, you may not be eligible. So, if you want to register on the site, the process of filling out the questionnaire should be taken seriously.

Despite such difficulties during registration, this approach is a perfect way to eliminate unwanted candidates, and the chances of finding a partner for serious relationships increase. Registration on the site is free, but to get access to basic functions, including messaging, you need to upgrade your profile.

Best Word Games for Android

Everyone loves to play games but according to their choice. So today I am going to share word games for android which you never have seen before anywhere.


“WORDATHON” is a classic word game for everyone. Anyone can play the game where we have to make a word by tap and drag in any direction horizontally, vertically, and diagonally or zigzag motion. In this game users are not wasting time, they are learning something from it. Parental control and it do not share your data to the third party. It is also safe for children also. Most of the words are a comprehensive dictionary. You can check the common and complex words in it. You can also checkout scrabble word finder for amazing word games.

2. 4 PICS 1 WORD

There are so many word games available in Playstore which provides something new in it and make them unique in their own way like that this game is having a separate fan base because of the interface of that. In this game, we have to identify 4 pictures which are related to a particular word. There will be some letters given below which will be the second clue to identify the images. Those 4 pictures and letters make only one word for which you have to identify. It’s easy and also children can play. For learning purpose, this is the best application mostly kids or students should use this because it can make their mind active and it also helps them to have a great vocabulary. You can also cheat at sometimes. As there is an option of Guessing.


A Crossword puzzle is counted in stress-free games and it can say that it is in educational purpose. The game is well known as a brain game where the mind gets relaxation and stress-free. It increases IQ and the best part of this is not complicated at all. It can be played whenever you want. It is free no additional amount is asked. Vocabulary can be good here.


It is a colorful word searcher and an interesting game. It works a little bit like Boggle and Scrabble mixed together. All we get a set of letters where you have made words. You mix them up and find various words. It’s definitely not a new concept because word making is an old concept but making it different and unique is all developers had done. It is tough to make different from others as an application whereas everybody has worked on the same concept.


This game says to make your vocabulary strong. This one is an easy game as compared to all games. Here, all we need to notice some the patterns cause the word can be made this the pattern so make the possible or find out the obscure but legal words. And for finding words focus on prefixes and suffixes, possible prefixes are DE, DIS, RE, and UN. Common suffixes are AL, ED, ER, ES, ING, LY, S. If we had once found EAT then there will ATE and TEA also. The words can be of plural or in the past present or future tense. Different from others and it doesn’t affect much.

5 Best Android Apps Not Found on Play Store

best android apps

The Google Play store is a nice resource which will enhance your mobile experience. It offers android users access to over one million apps, like Facebook, and Instagram, among thousands of others, however what does one do when Google unexpectedly pulls an app from its marketplace?

Google has removed apps from the Play store for different of reasons, the most common being that they violate the company’s policy. You may not have been aware that apps not accessible within the Play store will still be installed on your android device through a method called “side loading.”

5 Best Android Apps Not Found on Play Store


First hello to you in our web site, GBWhatsapp is a similar version of WhatsApp have too several superb options and a lot of privacy choices and themes.

 GBWhatsapp apk have completely different package name thus you’ll be able to use 2 applications of WhatsApp in same android device, and that we continuously offer you new updates for GBWhatsapp, thus enjoy to use the superb options of GBWhatsapp with none worry to stops updates, Or any harm to your phone due to GBWhatsapp is 100% safe for android.

 Ad Guard

Already know that the ads may siphon web quota by 80 percent? Well, with Adguard you’ll be able to take away the ads on android simply while not root. Not simply saving quota, Adguard additionally helpful to safeguard android smartphone you from malware.

Why Google blocked Adguard from the Play Store? Android apps became out-of-bounds due to conflict with Google AdSense that became Google’s own ad media.


Everyone has experienced the irritation and annoyance of managing commercial ads, that randomly pop from all over and take you to a different page due to an accidental click.

Most of the free apps you download are ad-supported however that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid these interruptions. AdAway may be a free, open source ad-blocker that blocks ads in each app on your device saving you from the obtrusive ads and your precious time moreover. But it works only on rooted android devices and occasionally will damage the functioning of some apps.


Fildo is an application Spotify Premium free.

Yes, with Fildo you’ll be able to access and download several songs accessible from a range of music content providers on the web. Free!


Not simply the name, however functions of this app also are the same as Apple’s iTunes app. XTunes is far and away the simplest app for Android users to download and play music whereas on the go.

It permits you to not simply download them however additionally store them on your storage, practicality sometimes not accessible in other apps from Google Play Store. XTunes contains a very wide collection of prime quality songs starting from the old classics to the newest releases and covers most well-liked genres from country to jazz & blues and popular music genre. One of the hanging options that provide it a lot of advantage that songs come with pre-filled correct data that helps you organize your collection more with efficiency without a lot of efforts.

How to download GbWhatsApp APK for Android

WhatsApp, the app downloaded by almost every user and the first messaging app that nearly every individual using a mobile will have for sure. But aren’t you bored using the same basic format for a long time? Everyone requires a change, and the WhatsApp is claimed to be way too old to use the same layout and old way with limited features. Here’s introduced a new app GbWhatsApp that comes with lots of features and modifications, giving you a better view of messaging and much more stuff.

GBWhatsApp App is a MOD of essential WhatsApp having more characteristics than any other pre-installed WhatsApp in your phone. It is most useful for those people who desire to use two WhatsApp accounts on a single Android device. GBWhatsApp is after that a modded genre of the old school WhatsApp application. It provides with you so many additional features and characteristics with WhatsApp offers. This app comes with tons of features like auto-reply, hide online status, Do Not Disturb mode, schedule messages, and many more. This app can be used by many Android phones and furthermore the official WhatsApp is supported in this app.

Version Info

MAIN TASKBased on WhatsApp with extra hidden features

How to install GbWhatsApp on android mobile

In case you have never downloaded this app, or you are new to this application, you may require a few guidelines to follow to download the app needed.• Firstly, download the app from Google or any other search engine you prefer to use.• After downloading it, click on the install option.• Enable installation from unknown sources to download it into your device’s memory.• Now click on the downloaded apk and click install.• Now once the app is downloaded open it after installation.• Nextly, enter your WhatsApp number and verify it from the available options present on the application.• Now, after the installation of the app, you can enjoy the app to its fullest.

Features of GbWhatsApp

There are various features this application inherits that one cannot find on the typical WhatsApp application.• It can hide online, blue tick, status.• It can also hide your viewed status that who have seen your story.• You can schedule messages to send them at a particular time to a specific person or in a group.• Auto reply feature to reply to the messages automatically.• You can also apply custom themes so that you can customize GbWhatsApp according to your preferences.• You can also send up to 90 images at once rather than 30.• You can also view the status from chat screen itself. • You can also view media by streaming online without actually downloading it.• We have also increased message forward limit for Indian users.• Also, broadcast messages to a group instead of contacts individually.

These features can be unlocked and used as soon as you download this app. Some features vary according to the version that you download and the mobile version that you already have. Enjoy the app and download it as soon as possible.

*Watermarkly* Online Watermark Creator

It is an online web app which you can use for insert a watermark in your images. With using of Watermarkly you can easily create a high-quality watermark in your images, Watermarkly supports many image format if you have an image and you want to insert your text then you can. If your picture is in any format like (JPEG/JIFF, JPEG 2000, Exif, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, etc.) you can easily insert watermark in these formats. Before going on the topic, You want to know a little bit about watermark then I discuss Watermarkly App.

What Is Watermark and Why We Use Watermark?

A watermark is a logo or text superimposed on an image to help prevent an image being copied or allow others to know where it was copied from and who owns the right. You can see below the picture for an example of a watermark.

Because it is a good method to safe your photo or image against any theft. Of course, by applying watermark on a photo doesn’t guarantee that nobody will steal it, You can use watermark as a powerful marketing tool. It can help you as a photographer increase your visibility online and drive traffic to your website.

The idea that is obtrusive and will automatically distract the viewer’s attention from the image doesn’t stand as long as you create a tasteful, subtle watermark and place it in the right corner and where you want and also you can use the best online watermarking tool which is Watermarkly.

What is Watermarkly ?

Watermarkly is an online watermark maker tool in an image. You can you this awesome tool for creating watermark on your image in high quality. This online web app is very famous among Photographers, Marketers and Brand Companies, etc. With the help of this app, you can easily create a high quality watermarked image very fastly and safely. And also this has a decent feature which is cropping you can also use this app for crop any image quickly.

Features of Watermarkly

  • You can add custom watermark on 5o Images in Just 5 mins.
  • Here you can insert custom watermark with your logo and text.
  • You can add transparent and opaque watermarks in your image instantly.
  • You Resize your photos which you want to upload online.
  • You can easily import your photos from your PC, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
  • Instantly upload an download your photos.
  • You can create amazing watermarked photos on Watermarkly.

It is fully customizable like :

  • You can normally add text and logos in every combination. Make them translucent for unobtrusive protection or fill photos with them.
  • You can easily add your Name and your Logo.
  • It can add transparent watermark in photos.
  • And you can add repeated watermarks.
  • You can use one of the best 400 premium fonts.
  • Also, you can add image numbers in images.


Watermarkly is Fully Private and Safe for use

You don’t need to install any software in your Computer. It is a web-based application, It doesn’t require any software to be installed in your Pc. We don’t store you any private photos in our database and we never get access to them. In our company, no one can access your photos and your files. Your files are always yours and secured. Watermarkly always establishes secured connections only.

Automatic & Manual Watermark Position

You can upload all of your images into Watermarkly web application and you are able to watermark all images at once. This will automatically scale watermark for Portraits, Landscapes, and Crops. In smaller images, you get smaller watermark and larger images you get larger watermark.

Also, you can disable the option of auto-scale, if you want to change watermark placement for particular images in the batch. Normally click the Preview button on the settings screen, click through your photos and adjust watermark’s position where it’s necessary.

Best Performances of Watermarkly

Instantly uploading and downloading of small images and large images. Pick a photo from your computer and start watermarking on them instantly. If your connection is slow and you have slow then don’t worry about in Watermarkly uploading and downloading are very instant and fast.

In this web app, you can process several photos at once. If your photo is larger or smaller than others then, the watermark size will be changed automatically to the perfect image of your size.

We never say you for the wait in queue for your photos for watermarking. We start immediately when you click on the Watermark Photos Button.  All these features are supported on our free plan.

If you want to watermark thousands of images, then you can easily watermarked them all. It processes photos in parallel and can handle up to 50,000 photos easily.

Resize Your Photos Quickly

Just drag your photos into the Watermarkly Resizer app and it will resize them as necessary. Original files won’t be modified on Pc.

Best Performance of Our Watermarkly Resizer App

You will not wait in queue for your photos for Resizing. Our image resizer processes them quickly when you click on the button “Resize Images” we immediately resize your Photo and As know our Uploading and Downloading feature are very well. So, you don’t need to wait.

If you want to resize thousands of Photos at once, then you can. It resizes photos in parallel and can handle up to 50,000 photos easily and normally. If your browser is getting run out of memory, our application will offer you a desktop app automatically.

Watermarkly Image Resizer Are Private And Safe

Our Image resizing application is a web application. You don’t need to install any software on your Computer. It works in browser perfectly and you don’t need to install any additional software and plugins in your Computer and your Web Browser.

We don’t keep your images on our database and on our servers there is no way we can access them. No one in our company can access your personal data, files, and your photos. You are full secure when you are using our Tool.


Here, These are the awesome features of Watermarkly Web Application. By using of this app you can easily watermark any Photo and also resize your Photos with awesome quality. And don’t forget to share with your friends, family, and your Colleague.


Top Ten WhatsApp Features

Among dozens of Whatsapp-features, sharing WhatsApp group with other members through a link is also a feature and today we will be sharing with you the complete guide through which you can generate and share your WhatsApp group’s relationship with your friends or known ones. Apart from this, in this article, you will learn about how to join the WhatsApp group through a loop.

But before that, it’s a must that you are using a specific WhatsApp application. You must avoid using any hacked or MOD version of WhatsApp until and unless it is available on a trusted vendor or developers. Now, let’s begin with our guides.

How to share the WhatsApp group link

Recently WhatsApp had added the feature to share the WhatsApp group link. Group member and Admins can share the WhatsApp group link with their friends and contacts to add them in the group.

Before reading the guide, it is suggested that you must install the latest version of WhatsApp on your Smartphone as older version might not have the feature to share the WhatsApp group links list with your friends or even your WhatsApp doesn’t have the option to generate the link of your WhatsApp.


I hope you are using the latest version of WhatsApp. So now let’s begin with the steps.

Note: -Kindly Follow the below mentioned steps so that you can avoid all sort of errors and issues.

Step 1#

Open your WhatsApp Application.

Step 2#

Select the WhatsApp Group whose’s link you want to share with your friends and contacts.

Step 3#

Once you are into the WhatsApp group, navigate to its settings, I.e., Group information.

Step 4#

Scroll down and check for the option to add new member “+.”

Step 5#

While adding a new member, you need to select the “invite new member via a link” option. Once doing it, you will get a link through which you can easily add new members to your group. All you need to do is to forward that particular link to your friends or to whom you want to join.

We hope, you can now share your WhatsApp group link easily. Let us know in the comment section below if you still have some doubt.

Now, let’s have a look over the next guide I.e.

How to join the WhatsApp group through Link

To enter the WhatsApp group through it the link, you have to use the latest version of the WhatsApp Application. If you already have the newest version then follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1#

Open the message which contains the group link shared by an individual.

Step 2#

Click on the click and let WhatsApp verifies it for you.

Step 3#

Once verified you would get a group name if that name is similar to what you were looking then hit the option “join the group.”

Boom! You are now a member of that group. We hope it was a smooth method. If you still have some issue then kindly let us know.

So, these were two guides, and we hope you have no confusion regarding how to join and share the WhatsApp group link.

Business Marketing for Drop Shipping & E-Commerce Site Reviews

E-commerce & Drop Shipping websites are something which are becoming extremely popular these days because of the spread of the internet like a Wildfire! But is it too easy to make your presence feel global? Trust me it is, and all you need is to follow a few simple tricks to make your business reach a top notch.

There are few simple hacks which will help you to achieve tremendous growth in your online business:

  • Use some writing skills to attract people: Reading and writing can never become too old. Blogging has become a great attraction to people especially after the emergence of the internet. You can also start a blog for your E-Commerce sites so that people get to know about it and start buying products from it. Make sure to add interesting topics to your blogs which will help the customers to understand why your website is different than others in every aspect. If done correctly they will surely help you to improve your business.


  • Single business different platforms: This is one of the most obvious business strategies which every E-commerce website should follow. Why so? Because expanding your business to different platforms helps you to connect with more set of people and your sales with increase naturally. We are currently living in a digital era where everybody is connected with the help of social media platforms. So why not use social media platforms as a business marketing strategy. Connect more people socially, and you will be able to make your business connected to them. There are several social media websites available these days which are perfect as far as business is concerned such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and many more. Also apart from promoting your products, you can also directly tell them with the help of web sites such as Amazon and Bonanza. The people should feel your presence at all the social media platforms which will help you to become more popular among the consumers.
  • Try offering support to your customers: If you are someone who is into drop shipping business marketing, then this can be another good way of improving your sales. This feature is available for many eCommerce websites worldwide. Help your customers by personally maintaining contact with them with various functions such as real-time chatting with your customers or even encouraging them to participate in community events where they will be able to share their opinions with you. In this way, you will not only be able to understand the parts where your business marketing is lacking but will also be able to understand the demands of customers related to current trends. You can also help your customers to guide their purchase by following their preferences and choices.
  • Try to use Search Engine Optimisation as it is a great boon: As far as business marketing is concerned, Search Engine Optimisation can be your best friend to increase the sales insanely! Search Engine Optimisation helps you to maintain a good ranking which helps your E-Commerce sites to receive more exposure to the audience. The only concern while using SEO is that it is a little time consuming because Google takes bedtime to find the products offered by you by the ranking of your website. Preferably its benefits are more than its drawbacks, and therefore you should surely go for this technique. Try to learn some basics of SEO if you wish to try it yourself. However, if you want it to happen at a professional level, then it’s better to hire SEO professionals. It will be a little time-consuming in the beginning, but once your website starts getting an excellent rating, then your sales will shoot up like a rocket. You can even read the blogs of Journal Review to get more insights on this thing correctly.
  • Using email as a medium of promotion: Promotion through email is one of the most useful ways of promoting your e-commerce sites. It is an easy way to keep all the buyers updated about different products, services and even the ongoing and upcoming offers. Keeping your customers updated also makes them feel that you are concerned about them and will also help you to maintain a good rapport with them.

Thus, by following the ways mentioned above you can quickly achieve good sales in your e-commerce and dropshipping website.

Top 5 Food Delivery Apps In USA

In the mood to have a hot chocolate shake? A delicious pizza? Cheesy hamburger burger or mouth-watering apple pie? But don’t want to leave your home’s comfort or you not allowed to go outside because you’re in office? Well, now move your worries in the trash because you can get your desired food anytime and anywhere without putting any hard efforts. You must be wondering how? There are numerous food delivery apps in the USA that can take care of your cravings. Above on that deals like Ubereats promocode, will be going to make your online food order affordable. Street food or luxury food, healthy or junk, breakfast or late night cravings, these below-mentioned top 5 delivery apps in the USA will make you find every food option.

  1. GrubHub- Fast and easy food delivery

GrubHub is a local food delivery app which has collaborated with the largest selection of restaurants. Next time when hunger bug will bite you, order food from our favorite cuisines via Grubhub mobile app and accept the request at your doorstep within no time. This means you can enjoy the food from your favorite restaurants at any that too without leaving your home’s comfort. Eat Chinese, Italian, Greek, or any other local cuisine for which you are craving. Order within a few taps in the GrubHub mobile application.



  • Wide selection of local restaurants: On the GrubHub app you can discover the numerous restaurants, food joints, food delivery chains and more. From Chinese to Thai, order any type of food which appetizes you.


  • No hidden fees: You have to pay which has been shown after the Checkout


  • Lots of deals and discount: There is no dearth of deals on this app


  • Live order tracking: The best feature of this app is real-time order tracking; this means you can live trek your online food order when the delivery person picks up your order till delivers to your door.


  1. Ubereats- Get food at your doorstep


Are you feeling hungry? Order food from your favorite restaurant from the most renowned food delivery app Ubereats. Eat what you like, when you want, and where you like. Within a few taps, you can get all the delicious flavors from your desired restaurants, food joints, and food chains. Browse local restaurants and within few taps complete the food ordering procedure and receive your food at your doorstep. Even, you can search for the food places by typing a specific dish or cuisine. So, next time when you’re craving for a pizza or hot chocolate shake then pick up your smartphone and make an order. When the ordering process gets completed, you will see your delivery address, estimated delivery time and the total bill value.



  • Track your order in real time
  • Multiple payment options
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Positive reviews and high customer ratings
  • Search for the local flavors which you crave for


  1. Doordash- Delicious meal at low cost


Doordash is one of the best ways to satiate your cravings with the best yet delicious food even without leaving your comfort. It is an excellent destination for every foodie because here you will find 110,000+ menus across more than 60 cities in the U.S. Spend more time doing the things which you love to instead of wasting time in the kitchen. Choose from a wide range of cuisines, from your favorite food junction. You can also schedule your deliveries by ordering food in advance from the app.




  • A secure ordering of food within just a few taps
  • Advance ordering allows you to get your food at schedule deliveries
  • See when your food order will arrive at your door with real-time tracking feature
  • No minimum order restrictions order as much as you want
  • Convenient payment options
  1.  Yelp Eat 24- Binge on some delicious food

Craving for your favorite pizza but not wants to get up from your comfy bed to get that, then download the Yelp Eat24 mobile application. Thereupon, you can discover new restaurants, dishes or reorder your favorites. This online food delivery app is the one stop solution to put stop on any time hunger. From breakfast to midnight snacks and everything in between, your favorite meal is just a few taps away from you. So, enjoy delicious food from your favorite nearby restaurant 24/7. Moreover, Eat24 doesn’t have any hidden fees you have only to pay which has been displayed on the screen at the time of checkout.


  • Explore more restaurant, food joints, and food chain options
  • There is no shortage of deals, discounts, and promo codes to lower down your value
  • Reorder favorite meals faster by tapping on the Express reorder option
  • Possess real-time delivery updates which make you track your order
  • Pre Order your next meal upto four days in advance
  1. Seamless

Order food anytime and anywhere by using Seamless food delivery app. Explore the wide range of restaurants and full menus for natural selection. Or, you can directly search by typing cuisine name or dish. For an instance type burger, a listing of the nearest local burger joints will pop up, and you’ve got to do to choose your place. Also, you can preorder your next meal place your order from two hours to upto four days in advance to get your delivery at the right time.


  • Turn on the push notification option to make you notice regarding the offers and deals
  • Multiple payment options: Pay using Android Pay, PayPal or credit card
  • Get amazing gifts on your birthday and other special occasions
  • Keeps you updated with its real-time notification feature

Final words

Craving for something delicious? Wants some affordable meals? Then, download any of these apps in your smartphone and within few simple taps make your order. Also, don’t forget to take advantages of promo codes, deals, and discounts to make your meal pocket-friendly. So, save your cooking time and enjoy your precious time relaxing or whatever you like to do. Because from breakfast to dinner, all you can now order online using these apps.


Torrenting is a process with which individuals and organizations share large files over the Internet with several users within a short period. This process has become increasingly popular, and research has shown that about 170 million persons use BitTorrent every month and more than 50 million people uses the kickass proxy. The ease of torrenting is a major reason why it has become very popular and accepted amongst Internet users.

The ease with which one can download both legal and illegal files may make one wonder if torrenting is illegal. One may also wonder if torrenting is safe. We will be addressing those worries and also sharing ways of torrenting securely and privately.

What is torrenting?

It is only appropriate that we begin with explaining what torrenting is so that it is not mistaken for other similar online activities such as streaming. Torrenting is a peer-to-peer method of sharing data on the Internet. With peer-to-peer software, a user can connect with thousands to millions of other users and share files with the users.

These files include all forms of material one can think of, from movies to TV shows and cracked versions of games.

Simply put, torrenting allows the sharing of large files between a ton of users within the shortest period.

Is torrenting legal?

From the definition of torrenting established above, it is easy to tell that the act of sharing files within the shortest period is completely legal. However, the files shared with the process determine whether it is still legal or not.

Because of the ease of sharing files associated with torrenting, it has been used to share copyrighted material, an act which is illegal. One can thus say that torrenting is a completely legal act that becomes illegal because of the material shared if they are copyrighted.

Is torrenting safe?

Torrenting connects a series of computers together and in the process shares information about a user such as a user’s IP address. Even if one is not downloading copyrighted material, torrenting comes with its risks. Hackers also lurk around torrent sites and try to steal users’ information and possibly invade their privacy.

Because of the security threats associated with torrenting, it is important for users of torrent sites to take precautions towards ensuring their security and privacy. Several methods have been established for maintaining privacy and security while torrenting.

One of such established methods is the use of a VPN. We will be explaining how a VPN works to ensure the security and privacy of torrent site users and why torrent site users should consider torrenting with VPN.

How a VPN works

A VPN provides the extra security and privacy users of torrent sites need to stay above the security threats associated with torrenting by providing a private server for accessing a general server.

With a VPN, a user gets an extra server that keeps them anonymous as they use the Internet. Without a VPN server as a middleman, traffic from a user’s device goes straight to the public server and could be intercepted by other parties, from law enforcement agents to hackers and Internet Service Providers. These parties are interested in the traffic from a torrent sure user’s device for different reasons.

Law enforcement agents are interested in traffic data to discourage sharing of copyrighted materials over the Internet and apprehend culprits. Torrenting with a VPN keeps the traffic from a user’s device anonymous and away from the law enforcement agents. The level of anonymity needed to torrent without getting caught by law enforcement agents can be achieved by torrenting with VPN.

ISPs, on the other hand, are interested in the traffic from a user’s device because of the need to throttle the connection when torrenting is detected. ISPs generally throttle the connection of users that consume a high percentage of their bandwidth and they rely on the traffic information from the user’s device to detect torrenting. Torrenting with a VPN, which encrypts the data from a user’s phone is a necessity for staying above ISP through going since the ISP wouldn’t be able to tell the traffic.

Torrenting safely and privately requires the use of a VPN since VPNs both ensure security and privacy of users. One would agree that privacy and security are necessary for other online activities apart from torrenting. A VPN can thus be considered as a necessity for internet users that value security and privacy.

While using a VPN especially for torrenting, it is important to consider several factors that make a VPN most appropriate for torrenting. Such features include the level of privacy offered by the VPN service. The best VPN for torrenting should offer complete security, and this will be evident in the level of DNS leak protection available as well as the log activity.
It is also important to consider the availability of security features such as a kill switch when deciding on the best VPN for torrenting.

With this article, we have established that torrenting with a VPN is a necessity to prevent being caught.

61+ Best working Kickass Torrent Proxy Mirror sites [Updated Today]

61 Best working  Kickass  Torrent Proxy Mirror Sites:-

Hello Guys In this Article I am going to tell you Best Working Kickass Proxy Mirror Sites.

Kickass is one of the most Popular and old Torrent sites launched in 2008 also parle as a KAT.

But due to the criminal investigation by United states KAT’s owner Artem Vaulin arrested in Polland and KAT was shut down.

After all, more than one year Passed again KAT was launched in this digital world as previous.

Torrent sites is a place where users readily avail the movies, software, games, apps & Tv shows even some paid services also.

As we see many Torrents sites come and go but only a few of stood with the taste of users and one of them is KAT Beloved by anyone.

Being a Torrent user, You never have to spend a penny to download to download paid games or software as Ton of files available here entirely free.

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Now most of the people aware that Torrent sites are banned in various countries or region by the government or ISPs due to the aspects of piracy. If your state also comes in this stopped region then Don’t worry there’s Forever the simplest way to access(Proxy and Mirror sites).KAT has the vast number of mirrors and proxies sites to access quickly.

Once Torrent sites come in the track down of ISPs or government then it has been blocked by ISPs or party in that particular country or region. Most of the states blocked the Kickass Torrent sites to access directly, but the Team of Kickass keep on developing new proxies and Mirror sites for easy & free access.

What is Kickass Torrent & why so Very Popular among users?

Kickass is one of the most popular Torrent Site among users of this site avail users to free movies, software, apps, games, and many more files. Kickass is Updated by KAT’s staff on a regular basis with the latest & fresh film, software, apps, games. Also, sites have fast loading time with no error and the vast number of proxies and mirrors and keep on developing new. KickAss-Torrent-sites

What are Kickass Torrent Proxy Mirror sites?

Proxies and Mirrors are images of original sites and work same as original sites. In most of the countries, original sites have been blocked, so Torrent Sites Keep on developing new proxies and Mirrors for access to unique locations. When we are using a proxy or Mirror for some specific sites, the request goes to the proxy or Mirror server instead of going to the destination. The proxy server then makes changes to our IP address and create new IP address and routes us to the target(original site).

Top Kickass Torrent Proxy Mirror sites.

We can easily access Kickass or any other blocked Torrent sites by using proxies or mirror sites but many proxies and mirror sites also blocked by many ISPs or government.Here essential things to keep in mind that some mirrors and proxies sites are also fake, so you must be meticulous about using it.some sites are usually made to fake sites and attractive one and can create viruses or malware attack or spam and affect our pcs and easily can steal our essential data or more than this.

so, if Kickass torrent sites are Blocked in your region or country or responding like Kickass has been blocked by your ISPs or government whatever the situation d0not worry below listed a wide number of Kickass Proxies and mirror sites which enables you to free browsing and downloading access from Kickass.

check out these best and optimized Kickass Torrent Proxy Mirror sites lists:




These are the list of 61 Best working Kickass Torrent Proxy Mirror sites that is fully free and safely accessible.Bookmark this article for the future aspects as we keep on update post with new attachment after a while of time.

Is it secure to browse or download kinds of stuff via the Kickass Torrent site?

As I have already told above Torrent site is the place where a vast number of free movies, software, apps, games, and many more files available even paid stuff also like the high probability of offense and piracy, so government and ISPs banned the Torrent sites in most countries. So this entirely depends on your location and region may be this site denied to access this site or maybe in your area using Torrent sites are a crime. To use Torrent sites, we have to be careful.

To overcome particular issues we have too little bit smart to hide IP address using VPN converter. There are many free VPN working converter software and app for different types of system. So its much recommended you to must install VPN converter before using Torrent sites.

After changing VPN now browse any of proxies or mirror sites and scan the necessary file and copy the URL of that file you want to download now merely paste it in any subscriber like BitTorrent, Utorrent, etc.


As I mentioned above all proxies and mirror sites are safe and free from any malware attack or spam, and you will enjoy similar kind of experience as original Torrent sites.

I hope this is a useful article for searching a working Kickass proxy or mirror or even a good Torrent site also to the list of Kickass Torrent Proxy Mirror sites. So bookmark this article as we keep on updating the records or if any working proxies may be blocked which you are using after you can find a new one quickly.

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