Online Dating in 2019: What Should We Wait For?

Online dating has had a significant year in terms of evolution in 2018, and that has led to many people wondering what to expect out of online dating in 2019. Using indicators from foremost online dating companies like Flirt U.K., we’re going to make some conjecture about next year. Some things are going to change and others will remain the same, but it’s important to understand what you can expect out of the next year. Without further ado, here is what you should see next year in online dating.

Online Dating Continues to Be Popular

First and foremost, it is clear that online dating is going to continue to be an incredibly popular way for people to find dates. Millions of individuals all over the world are logging into dating sites regularly in an attempt to find a match that is perfect for them. The ease of dating online combined with elements like personal safety and inexpensiveness are making people comfortable with meeting people through the internet. To some extent, people like finding dates online than meeting them in person at first. Don’t expect this trend to change next year or in the near future for that matter.

Social Media Is Taking The Plunge Into Dating

There have been a lot of companies that have geared themselves towards online dating. One business that has not taken the plunge has been social media, but that is definitely going to change. is becoming the latest dating site sometime next year, and they are going to bring hundreds of millions of clients with them. Granted, a lot of these people are already taken, but this titan in the social media industry is going to make waves for sure. Their overall plan or potential impact is hard to discern, but it could be a major change.

Dating Sites Move Back To The Mainstream

Another change that you can count on next year is that people are going to continue to leave dating apps. Some of the popular dating apps like Tinder hit the market hard, but have continued to fall off because the novelty of finding dates in that manner is unhelpful. People are looking to have meaningful relationships online if they are the least bit mature. Moreover, men in particular are tired of apps like that fueling the narcissism of their fellow peers, so they are not giving them attention on those sites. Instead, expect to see more people come to dating sites to find dates, hookups, and friendly chat with individuals near them.

U.K. Continues To Be A Haven For Online Dates

Another thing that does not seem likely to change is the fact that the United Kingdom will continue to be a very popular online dating hub. The U.K. has hundreds of thousands of eligible daters on websites at any given time of the day or night, with many more registered and looking for love. With so many people on these sites and the sites themselves regaining their former luster, it’s clear that the U.K. will see growth in their dating sites.


Based on our expectations for the future of online dating in 2019, it is clear that there are some things that you can look forward to with respect to this business. For example, be ready for the influx of online daters brought forth by social media, but also think about how the online dating sites in the U.K. will be home to more dates than before. Expect to see some of the younger crowd gravitate towards typical dating sites as well. Overall, there are some very exciting trends that you can look forward to in the near future of online dates!

Affiliate Marketing — Top Trends For 2019

When thinking about ways to increase one’s income, affiliate marketing is certainly one of the most popular. Not only does it allow you to find a great business partner, but you can expand your opportunities. The growing prevalence of affiliate marketing and networks like Topoffers necessitates a closer examination of the top expected trends of 2019, and we’re going to take a quick look at them here.

CPA Will Continue Its Growth Trend

One of the ways that you can expect affiliate marketing to appear in 2019 is following the success of 2018- fresh on the heels of a successful year for CPA marketing. In the present day, CPA is often seen as the easiest and best way to start affiliate marketing especially with the help of a competent network. The Cost Per Action design of these networks is helping companies generate new leads from different corners of the internet. Not only are new customers finding themselves in unique places on the web, but these visitors are being converted into successful sales. For that reason among many others, you can expect to see a growing volume of customers in this particular realm of affiliate marketing. Thus, a lot of people that have never considered this kind of marketing are now coming around after seeing the success of those who took the plunge.

Niche Marketing Will Continue To Spread

Another offshoot of affiliate marketing that is continuing to spread will be niche marketing. There are a lot of companies that have opted to make their money in the “big” markets like online dating and other social media applications. However, there is an ever-growing push to be a part of niche markets on the part of some affiliates. For example, it is not altogether unusual to see people working into health marketing for a specific subset of the population like people that suffer from arthritis. These niches require more finesse to get into but are ultimately profitable for those who put in the work.

Companies Will Embrace Native Marketing Even More

Affiliate marketing went through some clunky early years where you could see advertisements that stood out from the website’s offerings to such a great deal that they were never clicked on. The solution to this issue has been native marketing. For people who are on forums about working out, people will be more likely to see supplements and other useful advertisements than for pet food. Even without that extreme example, it is easy to see why people are going to be more receptive to native marketing and why big companies will see fit to utilize these forms of marketing in the future.

Small Businesses Will Enter The Fray In Greater Numbers Than Ever

Usually, small personal businesses did not invest much in their online presence. Now, it is almost unusual to find a small business that does not have a website at least. These companies are going to leverage their websites to bring customers to their affiliates while earning a little more money on the site. As the number of small businesses that are online growing, they will continue to work within affiliate networks to provide mutual benefits for everyone.


There are not many untapped markets left for the internet, so the changes for 2019 are not going to be extreme with regards to affiliate marketing. However, the fact remains that the trends for CPA affiliate marketing are going to be strong through the next year alongside more well-directed advertisements. It’s best to be prepared now by taking a closer look at your marketing and see what improvements you can make now.

Implementing IOT in Online Dating: The Pros And Cons

The Internet of Things is changing the way that people interact on the internet in the modern day. Everything from phones to cars and refrigerators is connected to the internet now. However, one important thing to keep in mind is that these devices can all have an impact on online dating, and not all of them will be positive. We’re going to take a look at how the IoT will impact online dates for the better or for worse.


It Will Help Us Find Better Matches

One of the ways that the IOT implementation with online dating will benefit the system is by helping us find more complete matches. The internet of things can help you track your fitness level or the amount of time that you spend performing certain tasks like working. If you are looking to find a match, you can share these aspects of your daily life with people on a dating site. That would allow you to easily find people that are acting like you or people that have similar working schedules. The result is that the people that you find on dating sites are more compatible with you than ever before. All you have to do is connect with them using gadgets like smartwatches and even smart home technology. In short, the IOT will allow you to find more similarities that bring you and your partner together.

The IOT Will Bring Us Closer Together

Not every aspect of online dating can help facilitate a good and productive relationship. For example, there is always a physical disconnect when you are using an online dating site. However, that does not have to be the case thanks to the IOT and associated products. There are entire lines of pillow, bracelets, and other tech that will allow you to feel the presence of your partner when you would like it. You can sense their heartbeat using rings or you can even utilize the sensors for other things.

For example, we all know that human sexuality pushes people seeking relationships to physically experience one another. Using the IOT and a cutting edge website like the NaughtyDate dating website, the future could be bright. You could meet with someone on the website for some adult interactions and then use specific toys that utilize the internet signals to experience one another without being in the same room. This is great for people that are dating online or just dating long distance for a period of time.



IOT Interfaces Might Be Too Much of a Good Thing

Even though the IOT is going to being a lot of changes to online dating, the fact is that not all of them are going to be good. One of the things that people cherish about online dating is the fact that they can have a subtle disconnect while they learn about their partner. When the IOT becomes live on some sites, you will be inviting people into parts of your everyday life. When you get home, there will be recorded greetings and when you wake up, the person will know that your alarm went off. This can be an annoyance to some people and could make the online relationship feel a little too close to home.


All in all, the IoT possibilities that are emerging can really help online dating. Being able to sync your lives with one another can lead to really amazing dating outcomes. As long as you make sure not to push your limits, you and your partner will likely welcome this kind of technology in the future.

Best Adidas Shoes Under $100

Adidas has been one of the leading brands for sneakers. It has been on the top list of sneakerheads and has never disappointed them for any occasion.  There is a whole range of products which are available suiting the buyers to pay for the best. Sneakers are not just shoes which people buy as essential in most cases they are a part of the privilege collection. Most sneakers lovers wish to add the latest Adidas Shoes to their collection as soon as they are launched. Now, if you are starting and you do not know if you are paying a fair price for your young love, then there is nothing to be disheartened about. There is a vast range of Adidas shoes which are available at under $100 to make it to the collection. You do not have to compromise on your budget to get the best pairs home as you can use Adidas Coupons to get huge discounts and get your favorite product at the most affordable price.

Here is a list of the Adidas must have sneakers collected from different categories to allow the buyers to have an extensive collection.

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Adidas Campus:

They have never gone off style. This Old school silhouette design is something which has influenced pop-culture and fashion. They are available in various colors and made of pigskin nubuck. They are something casual and stylish at the same time. They give a ready to look and has the standards rubber stripes which keeps them a part of the Adidas heritage.  They are suitable for long wear and come with comfort.

Adidas Superstar: Another standard design by Adidas which has been in vogue since the ’70s. They are trainer shoes which are also used by many rappers and fashion icons to make a statement. They have a classic look which comes with a leather upper coat. This Adidas shoe has all the authentic Adidas features to make them unique. These shoes have a unisex design and thus are highly popular. Highly comfortable and durable Superstar shoes are priced relatively affordable for every sneaker lover.

Adidas Matchcourt

These are a new addition to the sneaker designs which follow the minimalistic approach. They had a low-cut design and made of suede and canvas. This provides them a flexible outsole. Of course, they have the signature Adidas 3 stripes on the sides. These are highly comfortable as they come with sock liner which provides support to the feet. There is also strong wrapping which adds to the durability and the shoes become suitable for severe use. Ideal for various kind of use they have is very pocket-friendly.

Adidas Samba Classic: When you are a soccer lover and want something suitable for the indoor game then the Adidas Samba classics are a good pick. They have dominated the market for a while and obvious reasons, they are made of light-Weight leather and EVA midsole. They are highly useful for indoor surfaces. Thinking about durability and leather use, there is a definite inclusion of suede on the overlay to support abrasion and provide upper protection.

Adidas Stan Smith: Owing to the name the tennis star has given the shoes an equal win on the streets. They are stylish and suitable for so many occasions. They come with beautiful leatherwork, artful design, stainless trim, and low-profile cupsole. Some may argue that the stripes are missing, but if you look closely, then the perforated lines do the work. There is comfortable lining in the shoes, and they are durable. The logo is placed on the heels giving it a nice touch. They are available in blue but are highly liked in white color.

Adidas Rod Laver:

These are all stylish shoes which add to the fashion of the ’70s. They come with a street-ready style and a very energetic vibe. There is a suede toe guard which not just adds to the style but also keeps the feet protected. There are pivot-point cups made of rubber along with the synthetic lining in the shoes.  The shoes have the logo at the back and have a very comfortable look. They are suitable for activities and casual outings.

Adidas EQT Support RF:

These EQT shoes might come with a very different sporty design, but they are used for many urban adventures and Fashion. They have picked up on the retro style but have mixed it well with the new age gear. They are something which is a right blend of fresh energy and standard method. There is synthetic suede detailing on the shoes along with the signature Adidas 3-stripes on the midsole. They are made using the premium comfort sock liner breathable lining on the top.

Adidas Gazelle:

These are available in various colors and designs. The upper layers of the shoes are made of pigskin leather. There are stylish synthetic overlays and also a similar lining for comfort. There is a durable rubber outsole. Of course the three stripes Adidas original feature is a part of the design. The trefoil logo is placed on the heel tab, and the shoes are suitable for many casual occasions.

Adidas Busenitz:

This comfortable suede made shoes are an excellent choice for sports. They come with a regular fit and padded collar. There is a molded sock liner for extra comfort and lace closure for grip. There are quite a few colors available for choice. They are an excellent addition to the sneaker collection and which is also very budget friendly. They are suitable for many occasions and goes well with any attire.

Buying sneakers is an exciting opportunity. Adidas has been the commitment to provide style with comfort for ages and thus has never disappointed its fans. Buying the right kind of shoes is all about personal preferences, but something which comes in the way of building your collection is the budget. When you have a list of top shoes which are decently priced, then you should have no reason not to fill your shoe rack with your picks.  The boots will define your personality and style, and thus you must take the time to make your choice.


31 Best SevenTorrents Proxy Mirror Sites to Unblock SevenTorrents

Hello Buddies In this Article I am going to tell you Best Working SevenTorrents Proxy Mirror sites.

SevenTorrents is one of the most Popular and Best Torrent sites to avail the vast number of Movies Free to download and watch. Being a Torrent user, You never have to spend a penny to download paid Movies, and SevenTorrents proxy is Best For this Purpose.

SevenTorrents Provides User Safe Movies Link to stream. SevenTorrent Staff members Keep on checking all files whether it is safe or not, If they find any Nasty files or viruses, they remove it from the server quickly.

The seventorrent sites User interface is fantastic and user-friendly easy to navigate, you can easily find whatever content you want via available search option. Also, browse option available for the category.

Most user loves to Download or Stream Free movies, No matter from which source they are downloading whether it is Torrent or Other sites. Most of the people aware of that Torrent sites are banned or Block in various countries or region by the government or ISPs due to the aspects of piracy. If your state also comes in this stopped region then Don’t worry there’s Forever the simplest way to access(Proxy and Mirror sites). SevenTorrent has the vast number of mirrors and proxies sites to access quickly.

Once any Torrent sites come in the track down of ISPs or government, then it has been blocked by ISPs or party in that particular country or region. Most of the Countries blocked the sevenTorrent sites to access directly, but the Team of SevenTorrent keep on developing new proxies and Mirror sites for easy & free access.

If your Region also comes that you can’t access Main SevenTorrents then most probably It is banned in your region. Then Don’t Worry, There are still some ways remain by which you can easily access the blocked URL which is forbidden by ISPs or Government.

If SevenTorrents is blocked at your end, then there are two excellent ways. One is Using SevenTorrents Proxy and Second is Using VPN Servers. Proxies and VPNs hide you from your ISP and lets you access blocked site. During using SevenTorrents proxy or connected to VPN keeps you anonymous on the Internet. None can detect you. So both ways are right. For more information about Proxies, Keep reading this article.

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What are SevenTorrents Proxy Mirror sites?


SevenTorrents Proxies and Mirrors are Clone of original sites and work same as unique sites. In most of the State or Region, original sites have been Banned or Blocked, and in many cases, some Proxies and mirror sites So SevenTorrent Sites Keep on developing new proxies and Mirrors sites for accessing to unique Sites. If we are using a proxy or Mirror for some specific Sites, the request goes to the proxy or Mirror sites server hosting instead of going to the destination. The proxy server then makes changes to our IP address and create new IP address and routes us to the target(original site). SevenTorrents Proxy and Mirror sites have same content which is available on SevenTorrents site. So you must have to try these SevenTorrent proxy mirror sites If in Your region SevenTorrents site is blocked.

SevenTorrent Proxy mirror sites are maintained by 7Torrents Panel Staff and some members who willing to do work for this to preserve proxies and mirrors list.

We can easily access SevenTorrent or any other blocked Torrent sites by using proxies or mirror sites but many SevenTorrents or Torrents proxies and mirror sites also blocked by many ISPs or government.

So, if SeevenTorrent sites are Blocked or Banned in your region or country or responding like SevenTorrent has been blocked by your ISPs or government whatever the situation d0not worry below listed a vast number of SeveTorrents Proxies and mirror sites which enables you to free browsing and downloading access from SevenTorrents.

Check out these 31 best and optimized Kickass Torrent Proxy Mirror sites lists:

31 Best Working SevenTorrent Proxy Mirror Sites

http://7Torrents Proxy/

SevenTorrents New Proxy

These are the List of 31 Best SevenTorrents Proxy Mirror Sites to Unblock 7Torrents that is fully free and easily accessible. Bookmark this article as we keep on Updating the list after a while of time.

Tips to Access SevenTorrent Without Proxy:-

Guys Its damn easy to access sevenTorrent or any Torrent without proxies. You have to lil bit smart to hide IP address Using VPN Server. There are many free or Paid VPN server available on the Internet with the help of that you can easily convert IP. So its much recommended you to must install VPN changer before using SevenTorrent or any Torrent sites.

After Using VPN Changer now Browse any of SevenTorrent proxies or mirror sites which Listed here or scan the necessary file and copy the URL of that file you want to download now paste it in any subscriber like Utorrent, BitTorrent, etc.



As I have already mentioned the list of all SevenTorrent Proxies Mirror sites are safe and free to any malware issues or spam.

I hope this is Great while searching a working SevenTorrents Proxy Mirror Sites or even a Good Torrent site too for downloading Movies especially. So Bookmark this article as future aspects as we keep on updating the list of working proxies to keep values of the list.

If you Like Our Post, then don’t forget to share with your friends. Keep on Smiling.


How to install manage fonts windows 10

How to install manage fonts windows 10 OS

Hello, Buddies, I have come up with a new Article “How to install manage fonts windows 10” that is very Essential for Windows 10 OS. Windows operating systems typically come with a large number of inbuilt fonts which more or less takes care of all requirements of fonts. However, depending on your condition it may be necessary to install additional fonts. You may need to use stylish, classic, contemporary or fun type fonts depending on your requirements. To do this, you need to install the fonts in your fonts folder so that Windows operating system permits you to use the fonts in the supported applications. Here are useful tips How to install and manage fonts on windows 10 OS.


Understand fonts and their types before you install and use them

It is possible that a new font on the internet is appealing to you, it is essential to verify if that font will be of real use to you before you install and manage fonts on windows 10. If you intend to use those fonts in your printouts, you need to choose fonts that are either postscript or TrueType fonts. The gold standard is postscript, while TrueType fonts are also a good option. How many of the other font faces will look good on a screen but will not be supported by printers and other devices. If you are creating something digitally and are not too concerned about the printout when you can choose any fonts that are supported by Windows 10 OS

Downloading fonts from reputed sites

Once you have identified the font(s) that you wish to use in your system, download them from reputed websites. You need to take two precautions here. One is to ensure that fonts with identical file names are not used, This is mainly because windows fonts manager will be unable to handle files with same names. The second precaution that you need to take is to ensure that the site is a reputed one to prevent malware or virus from being downloaded onto your system.

Installing the files onto your system

After you download the files, you need to either extract them or directly install them out your system. If you have downloaded multiple fonts, then it is highly likely that you will have a zip file that is downloaded. Extract the data to a specific location, and choose the font files to turn wise for installation. Right-click on one file at a time and select install. After your selection Install automatically, font files will appear in Windows 10 OS permitting you to use the font with any application. After you install this file, you will find the particular font included in the fonts menu of the apps you use. For instance, if you are planning to use it in Microsoft Word, if you click on the drop-down menu of fonts, you will find the installed font on the list.

Alternative options for installing font files in windows 10 OS

In case you are on the lookout for an alternative and more straightforward method of font installation, here is an additional option. You need to drag the font face that you have downloaded, onto the fonts folder. Effectively this means that you are placing the download files in the fonts folder. To do this, you need to open the fonts folder and drag the data from the source onto the fonts folder. Bear in mind that this is different from copying and pasting a file.

Removing fonts from windows 10 OS

If you have come across a new and exciting font with a name that is similar to an existing font on your system, it will be necessary to delete the current font. As mentioned earlier fonts with similar names are to be avoided.  Double click and open the fonts folder and choose the font(s) that you wish to delete from your system. It is important to note that there are many system fonts used by windows as default. These are the fonts that are used in the display of the menu and all submenus. These are also the default fonts that are used in all applications that come with the OS.  You need to be careful while removing a font and ensure that you do not exclude a system font by mistake. Choose the font that you wish to remove and right click on it. Select ‘delete’ option, and you will be able to remove the font from your system.

That’s all about the How to install manage fonts windows 10. Keep Smiling.

How to get Chegg study Free account Trial 2018

Hello, Buddies In this Article I am Going to tell You Best and essential Digital Study Source Chegg – Get Chegg study Free account Trial

Chegg is an Online Digital Study portal provides Tutors. Chegg’s online tutoring service connects aspirants and students with an Expert Personal tutor at the click of a button. This fantastic experience offers a quick and easy way to receive direct help or solution in a wide variety of arena. Chegg is a Very Popular American Online Text Book Rental Company Chegg Where you Can Rent Your Books, Notes, Study material in Both Physically or in Digital Manners. As per Title Mentioned Chegg study Free account Trial I am going to Explain it in details, How you can get Chegg Free Trail account without any Credit card.

Chegg offers the vast number of services in the premium account (Membership) also can avail it free for seven days(Trail) Account. So here we reveal Full details  How to get Chegg study Free account Trial.

Vast numbers of Books Price very high and we have needed these books for only short time Intervals(some days, Months) and we are not able to Bear These costs for Regular Interval. Consider We have to clear one semester for this we need some books to Rent or sell old books, and search Alternatives for the New books (Buy or Rent) then Chegg is the Best study Portal which Provides vast numbers of Required study related Material.

All new tutoring Aspirants receives a Chegg study Free account Trial including free minutes of tutoring in their first week. I am damn sure after your tutoring trial you will Continue with Chegg Tutors, in case If you don’t want to continue with the Chegg subscription you are free to cancel or change your Membership anytime from Chegg official website under My account page.

What is Chegg?

Chegg is an American online textbook rental company based in, Santa Clara, California that specializes in online Textbooks rentals (both in physical and digital formats), Homework help, Online tutoring, Scholarship and internship as per your best Match. It is meant to help students in School and College Level or any person who want to learn.

Chegg was started in 2005 by Phumbhra and his Friend Osman Rashid in, Santa Clara, California. The site’s handy search feature provides instant access to more than two million Books and six million,n textbook questions.

Chegg is an Online Digital Study portal provides Tutors. Chegg’s online tutoring service connects aspirants and students with an Expert Personal tutor at the click of a button. This fantastic experience offers a quick and easy way to receive direct help or solution in a wide variety of arena. Chegg is a Very Popular American Online Text Book Rental Company Chegg Where you Can Rent Your Books, Study material, Notes in Both Physically or in Digital Manners. In this Article, I am going to tell you How to get Chegg study Free account Trial.

How To Earn Money Via Chegg?


Yes, its True Friends You can also Earn Money via Chegg to Become a Chegg tutor. There is a question of How to become a Chegg Tutor? It is not robust to become Chegg Tutors if you have an excellent knowledge regarding any topic or in any category then you can Easily to join their community and can Earn a Good Amount of money. They will pay you Some fixed amount by Your time of Tutor working (starting per hour 20$+ or Top tutors 1000$+ per month). After Joining their community, you will get your details Id for Chegg Tutor login. Guys Chegg is 100% Genuine and Effective you can join their community Blindly.

What does the Chegg subscription or Premium Account include?

In the Chegg study Free account Trial subscription Account Offering lots of content and stuff But there are always some limitations in the Free account. But in Premium Access You Have to Purchase Subscription in which You can access Solutions to 9000 Books. You can ask your doubts any time to any Tutor and Get an answer in Real-time without any Wait. You can Download Lots of Premium Books, form google Drive. You can hire Some specific tutors, anytime on Day or Night.

Costs for Chegg Subscription

Subscription for Chegg is too cheap However Chegg offer Free Chegg account trial for seven days after that you are also free to cancel it anytime without spending a penny. For Chegg subscription to be a prime member you’ll have to pay:

  • 1-month subscription for $14.95
  • 1-year subscription for $74.95
  • Also, you can Rent the books; study material will cost you ten times less than to actual costs. For Example, if you have to take a textbook of required $100, you’ll be able to rent it for just $10.
  • If you want to consult a tutor for anything, anytime regarding course, the price will be 7 cents per minute.

Orders Over 35$ Free shipping, Or also it varies with Location.

Now, Coming to the central part “How to get Chegg study Free account Trial 2018.”

How do you return books?

If you Rent any Book, you need to Return it within the due date. Return will be counted from the Moment you hand Over the Book United Parcel Service(UPS). Some Schools, Universities, and Library collaborate with the Chegg service whether You can also hand over the rented Book.

If you’re late with your due Limit(Which Happens a lot), will either charge you an Extra amount, or the full price of the book. You can ask for a refund within seven days.

Sometimes you might also need to extend your due Limit date, and that is feasible for us. All you have to do contact Chegg by call or chat service and let them know. Even you can choose Buy option for the Rented Book. Only go to your Chegg account and select more next to the book you’re renting. You’ll get the opportunity to buy it, and any rental fees will be deducted.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Return Policy

The research team at Doesitwork thought Chegg’s return policy is entirely fair Amazing service. Chegg team allows us to return a book within order date of 21 days, starting from the order date. They provide the refund, but Shipping cost will be deducted, and A digital book can be returned within two weeks.

If you damage or Blight any book which rented via Chegg, you need to occupy that the same copy from somewhere and return it to them or to buy damage copy from them. Chegg will deduct from funds which you’ve already paid for renting on your purchase.

How to get Chegg study Free account Trial 2018


To get the Chegg Free Trial account is damn easy and straightforward; You have to need to fill some essential details and Follow the Below given steps.
1. Click Here to generate Virtual or Fake Credit card.
2. You will get your Random Card details Selecting any card out of Visa, American Express, and Mastercard.
3.After generating Card Note down all aspects.
4. After that Visit, Chegg Official website Click Here.
5. Click on Sign up Enter Name, Email, Set Password.
6. Now Fill the Card Details and Enjoy Free Trail for Seven days.
Note:- If you have used Real Credit card details then Don’t Forget to cancel the subscription Before seven days otherwise they will continue your subscription and amount will be deducted.
In Free Trial, you will get 30 minutes free for use in your first seven days, In this time you can ask your doubts with Chegg Tutors.

How to Use Chegg study Free account Trial into App

Chegg also services Mobile Android app Click Here to Download it. You can use Your premium account Details for Login. Its similar to the other Android app Available features are:

  • Free 30 Minutes of live Tutor.
  • Study Material Rental services.
  • Get Live Tutor Help 24*7.
  • Access to six Million+ Textbooks Easily by Search option in Given Tab.

You’ll also have the available option to subscribe for live homework and doubts help from tutors on a monthly basis.

Steps to Cancel Chegg Free Trial Account:-

1. Go to the Official website of Chegg under My account or Click Here.

2. Under the Subscription page click pause Membership Button.

3. Select the time amount for Pause subscription of Chegg Membership or You can select Cancel Chegg Membership permanently.

When you cancel your Chegg Study subscription, you will continue to have access for the remainder of your current billing period. Refunds will not automatically issue when your subscription is canceled.

You can also Purchase your subscription through iTunes or Google Play. If you purchased your Chegg Study subscription through iTunes or Google Play,  you to manage your subscription through them. Pausing on will not suspend your billing.

Some Common questions about Chegg:-

Is Chegg a reliable Online Website?

In my experience and Judging by other users experiences, it can be considered lovely & reliable. It has plenty of textbooks, study materials, solutions, and the much-needed help from online tutors.

Is it safe?

As per my Experience and the information available on the official website, it is very safe. Chegg claim all the textbook solution manuals are written by Highly educated Ph.D. students, professors, Alumni, or an expert in that field.

Does every student get a Chegg free trial? Or Is it Free?

Every student will get the one-week free trial, and after that need to pay for continuing premium membership. All students receive 30 minutes of free Tutor time the first week during the trial to try out working with our tutors.

Can I Use multiple accounts to receive the Chegg free trial more than once?

Chegg only offers one free trial per student. If you made multiple accounts, the free trial minutes would be revoked or removed from all additional accounts, and you will be Extra charged for any lesson time.

What happens if I use more than my subscription time (30 minutes) the first week?

Any Extra minutes used beyond your allocated free 30 minutes during your first seven days will be charged according to your overage rate for your subscription plan.

Can I cancel during my Chegg free trial, before any charges are made?

Yes, You can cancel your free subscription membership at any time, during your first week Trial. If you cancel your free subscription during the free Trial in the first week, without Excess of your dispense free 30 minutes, no charges will be made to your account.

 What if I want to try just one Demo lesson and don’t want the subscription?

If you want to take a demo class with a Chegg Tutors, you are required to subscribe to a plan, or you can also start with your Free Trial. However, You are free to cancel the subscription just after your first Lesson without Paying a penny.

Coupons to getting Chegg Free Trial


1. Free 4-Week Trial of Chegg Study

Try Chegg Study for free and get expert help with your assignments. Must create a Chegg account for free trial. $14.95 a month after free trial.

2. Free 7-Day Instant Access to Textbooks

You will get instant access to vast Number of Books while Your Ordered Books not shipped.

3. 30 minutes Free Online Tutoring

Get 30 mins of live online tutoring during your first week of Chegg free trial. Chegg Study membership includes step-by-step textbook solutions and expert Q&A.

5. Up to 90% off Textbook Rentals

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6. Free Return Shipping on all Rental Textbooks

 Rent your textbook through Chegg and receive free return shipping. No coupon code necessary.


Guys, That’s all about the Chegg study Free account Trial, Chegg Free Trial is helpful Online Study portal Here I have Mentioned how to get Free Chegg Trial Account Without any Credit Card, and You will able to Access all Premium Contents For Free. Don’t Try to Hack with your Main Account, Chegg Can Suspend your account permanently.

I hope this a Great Article while Knowing about Chegg study Free account Trial Or Even an essential Digital Study Source Chegg. Bookmark this article as we keep on updating the lists Of coupons, Updates of Chegg Services and New Updates Of Best Android, windows, iPhone Apps, How To tips and tricks.

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Psiphon Handler Apk Free Download Updated 2018

Psiphon handler. It will give a proxy setting option from which you can access the internet for free.


Millions of people are using Psiphon to access websites which are blocked in their country or blocked by their ISPs. This is the best handler to unblock the sites blocked by the ISPs, and it also adds a security layer when we are browsing the internet from free or public WiFi.

What is Psiphon Handler?

These days problem with our privacy, while we are on the internet, is getting more significant day by day. We always hear that our data is on threat and our privacy is compromised while we use the internet. So, Psiphon is a VPN(Virtual Private Network)

And the best part is that it is available for free. Usually, VPNs Costs around 5 dollars for every month. But Psiphon is available for free.

If your ISP is blocking you to access specific sites, Then you can Use this app to access the website.

Features of Psiphon Handler Apk:

  • This version guarantees about the anonymity while surfing the Internet.
  • The additional disconnection problem has been fixed.
  • It is available for free, and there is no need for registration.
  • It Increases the internet speed.
  • Minimal size app.

How to use Psiphon Handler to your Taste.

Just like any application. You want to get the best use of it. All you need do to start using your app right away is:

  • Download the latest Psiphon handler apk.
  • And Open It.


Once the application starts, Simply click on connect and let it connect to the server. And when it is connected, you can browse the Internet anonymously. This version of Psiphon handler 108 UI is developed by Dzebb Handler.

After connecting with Psiphon, you can also use the inbuilt browser. The inbuilt browser is fast and secure. And you can also download movies, videos or any files.

Psiphon Handler Settings:

Psiphon handler settings are different for different country and ISPs. You can quickly search on google for the setting.

 Psiphon handler Settings

  • You can use this app without any root access.
  • This app will work best in 3g or 4g mode.
  • Download Psiphon Handler apk from the link given below.
  • Install Psiphon apk and Click on open.
  • Type the settings as provided by the tricks available on Google.
  • Select “Start”
  • When you start the app click on “Tunnel Whole Device”
  • Click on “I trust this application,” and then select “OK”
  • The application will connect to the server
  • Now just enjoy the free and unlimited internet with high speed!
  • If the method does not work search for other methods, you can find alternate ways on google.

Note: In some countries, Use of VPN is prohibited. So, please be aware of laws. And this article is only for education purpose.

Click here to Download

40+ Best RainMeter Themes Skins For Windows 7, 8, 10 Updated

Hello buddies, I was surfing the internet, and I found that according to an experiment. “User works better if they change their wallpapers regularly.” So, In this article, I am going to tell you about 40+ Best RainMeter Themes Skins.

If you are a regular user of laptop/computer, probably you may feel bored to watch the same screen again and again. In this article, I am going to share some tweaks which will help you to customize your desktop. Note: There are thousands of theme, but here I am mentioning only best rainmeter themes skins or Best Rainmeter themes or Best Rainmeter skins.

However, Windows Operating system also allows us to change wallpapers, but it turns the only background, not the interface it’s still dull and same as the previous one.

Most of the People don’t Think so About changing skins or Themes just experiencing by Changing Wallpaper, But there are many Ways to customization windows interface and one of the best “RainMeter.” If you are the Little bit confused with the Term “Rainmeter.” or Interface Appearance then don’t worry I will explain all the things steps by step.

What are the Rainmeter Themes/skins?

RainMeter is a Windows Based application which enables us to customize our Skins or Themes of Laptop/Desktop. After customizing any of the RainMeter As Per choice, It Helps In The Appearance also by Changing icons, Wallpapers, Battery indicator System, and more things. Once you install any Theme or Skins, It will automatically change all the figures and interface. And you are going to love this Customization.

Why do we need Best RainMeter Themes Skins?

As I have already told, RainMeter is not a software that changes the wallpaper. It has much more to offer. By Customizing RainMeter Themes or Skins You can easily control all the things Straight From the Laptop/Desktop. And it will make a fresh atmosphere. And one more important things you have not spend a penny for most of the available Themes.

How to install RainMeter Themes skins?

It’s a simple application as other Windows application Firstly download it From Official website or Click Here now download RainMeter it as per your Windows system 32-Bit or 64-Bit.

Follow the Steps to download and installation of Rainmeter themes skins:-

Step-1:-Download RainMeter  Click Here.

Step-2:-After downloading Install on your Laptop/Desktop.

Step-3:-As per Below given choices “40+ Best RainMeter Skins Themes” Select any one Download it and merely Extract Zip file and Transfer it to the where RainMeter is Installed.

Step-4:-Now start RainMeter and configure merely. You will get the new theme Option which you have downloaded for applying on your Laptop/Desktop.

Step-5:-Now You will see your Installed Rainmeter Theme or Skins click on Apply That’s It.

Now Enjoy the Themes As per your choice With new Widgets icon, Style, Background, And Interface.

Best RainMeter Themes Skins 2018:-

1.Eker Lina: Beautiful Rainmeter Theme


Eker Lina is Personally Used Theme by me For a long Time I love this Theme due to its simplicity and Aestheticism. It’s all Widgets icons Fully customized, and It Shows Everything On The Desktop Like temperature, Drives, Notes, Music And Many More. It is One of the Best Beautiful and Elegant. If you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

Download Eker Lina

2.Moon Glow

It is another Natural Looking Interface of Moonglow with an attractive and Decent look. The background of this default rainmeter Theme’s Main screen is so cool that all the on-screen widgets look very attractive while you use this skin and felt you refreshed. It has Amazing Widget icons, System Details like temperature, CPU, RAM, Drive details, Reader Mode, Multidock, Notes, Wallpaper, and More. The Best RainMeter Themes Skins For Windows 7,8,10. If you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

Download Moon Glow

3.Glass Rainmeter Theme

It is one of the best Elegance Theme with more features and Attractive looks. This Theme is elementary and space free the Best elements in This Theme is that you can customize all the Tools as per your natural customization choice. The Color Changer alters accent colors(semi-transparent) throughout the skin with one-click (clock, music player, recycle bin). This theme has available widget icons are Date, Clock, Weather, System details: CPU, RAM, Harddrive and more. You can access Your social media sites, Different browsers, Document, Music Player, Files and more. If you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

Download Glass RainMeter Theme

4.Battlefield3: Gamer’s Choice


If You love games and their characters the, you are going to Love this Theme. This Theme Interface Looks Designed from a Popular Game Battlefield3. You can customize it’s Widget icons on the sidebar with your favorite software and apps. On The Screen Interface, It Shows Weather, Ram, storage. Best Features of this Theme it has many shortcut Networks. It is Gamer’s choice Best RainMeter Themes Skins For Windows 7,8,10. If You want to download this Theme, then click on given Button.

Download BattleField 3

5.Neon Space


Neon Space As the Name sounds its related to space. This Theme Based on Alien ships And One of the most refreshing Theme for Those Who loves universal space related things or Alien Based movies Or felt good then Move for this you Gonna love it. Its all widget icons also Sense you in spaceship including the background, image, folder style, widget style, clock, weather, etc. also get transmuted into the space Mode only. It is Alien, and Space related. If you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

Download Neon Space Theme

6.Enigma: Most Downloaded


Enigma is one of the most popular and Most downloaded themes. It’s displaying Icons In the taskbar looks good. It has two sidebars on both Side ends. You can easily customize it Like all other Theme; this skin provides the details about weather, system storage, notes and many more. Due to its Popularity, it was the Default Theme in 2009. Its background also felt you to nature visualization. It is Popular and Most Downloaded. If you want to download this Theme, then click on given Button.

Download Enigma Theme

7.Razor:- Simple and Best


It is simple to visualize and space free Theme, and its latest updates look like Mac Operating System. Its default wallpaper is fresh and natural. Also, You can change the wallpaper as you wish. There is a vast number of options for customizations of the Widget icons and all other things. If you don’t like the images, You can change different types of figure via the installation of the icon pack. It is Simple and Spaces free and The Best RainMeter Themes Skins For Windows 7,8,10. If You want to download this Theme, then click on given Button.

Download Razor Theme

8.Darkness Falls


Darkness Falls Is a Dark Interface theme with fresh and Unique Features. If you always like the dark interface on your Laptop/Desktop Screen then definitely you move to this Theme. Besides this, It has Amazing Widget icons, and naturally, you change it in Dark mode also. If you have the addiction to the social media, then You will even get all the notification from Facebook and Twitter, etc. In one word it is user-friendly and makes users work very easy. It is User-friendlyIf you want to Download this Theme, then click on the given Button.

Download Darkness Falls

9.Senja suite: Coolest Theme


It is the most relaxed Theme combination of nature and Modern Technology. It is minimal memory capturing Theme. This Theme supply You a Peerless Music Player you are going to Love this and also show the Live status of weather. But the problem with this Theme is that it is not freely available you have to purchase it. It is Coolest and one of the best themeIf you want to download Senja Suite, then click on the given Button.

Purchase Senja Suite

10.Windows 2019: Future Theme


Another one of the most downloaded Theme. It is Future Interface Theme and of the Most fastly spreading Theme among users. One of the best features of Windows 2019 theme is that it Provides incredible and well-set arrangement of all the widget icons and software. You can Easily get all the notifications, feeds, weather updates, Music control on a single screen only. It is Future Theme and the Best RainMeter Themes Skins For Windows 7,8,10. If you want to Download this Theme, then click on the given Button.

Download Windows 2019

11.Before Dawn


It is simple and Very Easy to Visualize and Decent Theme. It has only one Centre Bar Icon in which all the Useful Essential Widget icons available. And One Best feature of this Theme is that you will get All the Status of your System like RAM, CPU,& Storage disk. Size of this Theme is too small for download and done. That’s it. It is Another Simple and Spaces free and one of the Best RainMeter Themes Skins For Windows 7,8,10If You want to download this Theme, then click on given Button.

Download Before Dawn

12.ABP 1.2: Classy Theme


It is Straightforward Theme and divided into different Block Section easy to visualize & all the widget icons As in tabular form do all your work in just some fingertip. The theme has numerous customization for icons, clocks, weather widgets, desktop backgrounds and much more on front Interface. If you are Something Classy or Straightforward then go For this Theme, You are going to Love This Theme. It is Straight Forward and Classy themeIf You want to download this Theme, then click on given Button.

13.Pileus suite


It is the One of the best Theme with the Number of cool Features and lots of shortcuts. Due to the bulk amount of customization of Widget icons Theme size is memory Taken. But Features are cool. It also shows your all system status like RAM, CPU, Power, & Storage disk and many more Features also available. It is Featured Full theme. If You want to download this Theme, then click on given Button.

Download Pielus Suit

14.IronMan Jarvis Version 2: Movies Fan’s choice


If you are a fan of Movies Ironman series, then you are going to Love this Theme. This Theme is an Updated version of Iron man-Jarvis Theme, and with New update and the number of Customization choices, It will work As assistant of Ironman Like Jarvis. This Theme is available in 4 Different colors- blue, red, yellow, green. It contains some familiar features Like the date, Weather, Time, etc. It is Movies Fan’s Choice The Best RainMeter Themes Skins For Windows 7,8,10. If You want to download this Theme, then click on given Button.

Download IronMan-Jarvis V2


space-based-themesI think you must have made a perfect guess by now after reading the name of this Theme. But still, let me tell me about this cool Theme is Full of appropriate Science fiction Background. If you are a Space lover then go for this Theme, You must have to try. It has some basic featured Widget Icons like Notes, time, weather, Music, and more. If You want to download this Theme, then click on given Button.

Download Space Rainmeter Theme

16. Switching: Stylish Theme


It is simple and Very Easy to Visualize and Decent Theme With Stylish white Main screen. It Also has available Function to customize Background Interface. Its Background looks heart touching, and you are going to love this theme. It has some primary Features Stylish Music player, System details, weather, Clock and many more features available. If you are searching for some stylish Theme, then go for it. It is Stylish Looks The Best RainMeter Themes Skins For Windows 7,8,10. If You want to download this Theme, then click on given Button.

Download Switching

17.My Rainmeter Desktop: Featured Theme

This Theme Is full featured. This Theme has the Vast number of Features for the customization. This Theme Interface looks like space war or May say designed. It has lots widget Icons to customize Circle Clock, Circle HDD, Circle Network,  Circle System Resources, Toolbar, Enigma Twitter Reader, Power Toy, Siberian HDD, Vision Picture Viewer, Vision WinAmp Foobar, tech vision Animation, TechVision Project Rotator, TechVision RSS Reader, TechVision Weather, TechVision Scan Animation. Really If you are looking for more numbers of features on your Front Screen then go for this Theme. If You want to download this Theme, then click on given Button.

Download: My RainMeter Desktop



Horde Is a Dark Black Interface theme with fresh and Unique Features. If you always like the dark interface on your Laptop/Desktop Screen then definitely you move to this Theme. Besides this, It has Amazing Widget icons, System Details like temperature, CPU, RAM, Drive details, Calander, Clock, Task Bar, Toolbar, Reader Mode, News Notification and More. If You want to download this Theme, then click on given Button.

Download Horde



It is another Alien Based Theme with cool features, and widgets icon looks like Alien Network.T his Theme has the number of widget icons available on the main screen like system Monitoring and status, Different types of the search engine, Music player, clock, weather,  Notepad, different social media Network and more.T his Theme is One of the most refreshing Theme for Those Who loves Alien Based movies Or sounds good then Move for this you Gonna love it. It is the best Alien related themeIf you want to download this Theme, then click on given Button.

Download Alien Theme

20.Elegance 2


It is the Updated Version of Elegance Theme with more features and Decent looks. This Theme is elementary and space free the Best elements. In This Theme is that you can customize all the meters in two version as per Your choice vertical or Horizontal Look You can also change Color & Configuration Tools as per your natural customization choice. The Color Changer alters accent colors throughout the skin with one-click (clock, music player, recycle bin). This theme has available widget icons are Date, Clock, Weather, System details: CPU, RAM, Harddrive and more. The Best RainMeter Themes Skins For Windows 7,8,10. If you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

Download Rainmeter Elegance 2 Skin

21.Raleway Skin: Natural Interface


It is a Natural Looking Based Theme and Well arranged. Its shows all vital Widget icons on the Main screen like Date, Weather, News Notification and more. This Theme is very Simple And One of the most refreshing Themes for Those Who loves Natural Looks. It is a Natural Interface. If you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

Download Raleway RainMeter Skin

22.Orange Glow


This Theme has fantastic Main Screen Interface Customization with great looks. It is Little bit Contrast to orange, dark blue and black color which make it look different and beautiful. It has some Basic Featured Widget icons as System details, Network analyses, Multimedia, Hard drive, Date, Notes, and one more cool Feature Photos slideshow. You should give it a try you are going to Love this Theme. The Best RainMeter Themes Skins For Windows 7,8,10If you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

Download Orange Glow Rainmeter

23.Rising Reflection Interface

cool-rainmeter-themeIt is another Natural Looking Interface of Early Morning main screen. It is Fully free spaced and one side Bar for the customization of the app. It has You can easily customize it Like all other Theme. This skin provides the details about Date, time, Recycle bin and more you customize wit your Own choice. This Theme will felt you a new experience. The  Best RainMeter Themes Skins For Windows 7,8,10. If you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

Download Rising Reflection Theme

24.Tech A

Tech-A is very beautiful and Stylish, Really if You are looking for something Stylish then go for it You are going to love This Theme. Future Technology or fully develops this Theme on Future Based Reactor which is felt virtual but looks Awesome. It is One of the Most Popular Spectacular. If you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

Download Tech-A

25.Avengers Shield OS Skin

If you are a fan of Movies Avengers series, then you are going to Love this Theme. This Theme is a Modified version of Previous Avengers Shield Os Theme, and with New update and the number of Customization choices. It has Some Shortcuts to customize your Workload. It Shows all Important stuff On The Main screen Like temperature, Drives, System details, Notes, Music Player. And Many More.The Best Rainmeter Theme For Windows 7,8,10If you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

Download Avengers Shield OS

26.Windows 9 Mark 4

I think you must have made a perfect guess by now after reading the name of this Theme. But still, let me tell me about this cool Theme is The Interface of Windows 9. Soon Microsoft Dropped windows 9, But even, if you want to test Windows 9 then. You must have to try This theme This theme is Fully Unique, And This Theme has developed On the idea of windows 9. This Theme is mainly for those, who want simple and Space free Looks on the Main screen. If you’re going to trick your friend about windows 9 Then, you should Go for this theme. This Theme has enhanced from Microsoft Windows. So, it is user-friendlyIf you want to download this Theme, then click on given Button.

Download Windows 9 Mark 4 theme

27. ADIAN BOLON aero

It is Greenish Color Theme with Natural Attractive look. This Theme has some Greenish Wallpaper also. If You love Greenish then go for this You are going to Love this. This Theme has some Basic Features Like Date, Time, Weather, Fonts Customization and more. The Best Rainmeter Theme. If you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

Download ADIAN BOLON aero

28. Newspaper Desktop

I think you must have made a perfect guess by now after reading the name of this Theme. But still, let me tell you about this Theme This Theme looks Same as a Newspaper  Interface with the decent and straightforward look. As the Theme Looks Like Newspaper, It Shows Date And Time In Upside With A Heading and all other Widgets Icon Are Fixed According to Newspaper Set up. If you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

Download NewsPaper Theme

29.Galaxy Suite Rainmeter

Galaxy Suite RainMeter Theme is Very Beautiful Theme With Galaxy Interface. This Theme Will Change Your Desktop In a Universe Look and its all Widgets icon are also Reveal as Universe effect. It shows all Important stuff on Main Screen Like temperature, Drives, System details, Weather,  Notes, Music Player, Facebook And Many More. This Theme will Fully change Your Desktop/Laptop Look. The Best RainMeter Themes SkinsIf you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

Download Galaxy Suite RainMeter

30. Pog Pack

This Theme Will Provide you Decent looks, All the Essentials Widgets icon available around a sphere with clutch Button. This Theme Looks at Digital cum analog Watch view which Appears in a single screen to provide the custom look of your Laptop/Desktop. If You Are Looking For Something New with Decent Looks then go for This Theme You will Love This Theme with Its Well Arranged Customization of Widgets. It is the Best RainMeter Themes Skins For Windows 7. If you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

Download Pog Pack

31.Taboo Vision RainMeter Skin

It is Simple and Very Easy to Visualize and Decent Theme With Stylish white and Black Main screen. It Also has available Function to customize Background Interface. Its Background looks heart touching, and you are going to love this theme. It has some primary Features Stylish Remainder, System details, weather, Clock and many more features available, and also can customize the position of widgets icon according to your need. If you are searching for some stylish and straightforward with Black & White, Then go for This Theme. It is the Best RainMeter Themes Skins For Windows 10. If you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

 Download Taboo Vision RainMeter


Radiation is the Abstract type of Theme With Vast Number of Features available on Main Screen. With glumpy Background. The best thing about This Theme is You can Customize it in Eight Different  Languages. And also Font Style and color as well too. It has lots widget Icons to customize Clock, System details Like RAM, CPU, Hard Disk, Notepad, Calculator and more. Really If you are looking for more numbers of features on your Front Screen then go for this ThemeIf you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

 Download Radiation


This Theme’s all Widgets icon Well arranged in a pattern and gives your Laptop/Desktop a simple Look But also your work Load become easy. You can also change the arranged order according to your Customization choice. All the Important Widget icons available on the primary Interface At least once Must try This Theme. If you want to download this Best RainMeter Themes Skins, then click on the given Button.

Download Morph


It is simple and Very Easy to Visualize and Decent Theme. It has only one Centre Bar Icon in which all the Useful Essential Widget icons available, and One Best feature of this Theme is that you will get Movies, Music Player, Project, Picture and more on the Main Screen oF Laptop/Desktop and Size of this Theme is too small just download and done. It is the Best RainMeter Themes Skins For Windows 8If you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

Download Speed Rainmeter


It is the most relaxed Theme combination of nature and Modern Technology with Remix of Universe Interface. It is minimal memory capturing Theme. This Theme supply You a Peerless Music Player you are going to Love this and also show the Live star. It also has available features to customize Background. If you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

 Download Hero Theme

36.Medieval City


This Theme is for the Game Lovers, and RainMeter also developed this Theme in aspects of game lover its Background and icon packs seems similar to that of Prince of Persia’s game Background.
It is Theme that will take you to sooner centuries view. It Is One The Best RainMeter Themes Skins. If you want to download this Theme, then click on given Button.

37.VClouds Weather 2

It is the One of the best Theme for Weather Broadcast with the Opaque look. As the Term Weather mentioned in the name, It shows broad Details of Weather Forcast up to 9 days. For install this Theme you must have RainMeter Version 3.0 or higher update. This Theme Is available in 17 different languages to customize and also available option to customize font colors. It also Includes 12 vertical and three horizontal variations. Overall If you are Looking for A theme which provides full details of weather Forcast, then it is For you. If you want to download this Best RainMeter Themes Skins, then click on the given Button.

Download VClouds Weather 2

38.Citroen Concept Rogers1967 Theme

It is Very Attractive and Beautiful Looking Interface. This Theme is With High-Resolution Graphics and Cool Design. As the Main Interface Shown in Image of Racing car with Decent Look, so If you are the fan of a Sports car then You are going to love this Theme. Besides this Theme has Some great Features also  It shows all Important Widgets on Main Screen Date, Time, Music Player, System Details, Weather details and More. It is one of the Best RainMeter Themes Skins for windows seven usersIf you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

Download Citroen Concept RainMeter


This Theme will give Your Laptop/Desktop a real natural Look sitting down sun Interface, Personally, Its Great experience to use This theme with Cool customization Features. This Theme is available in 8 different languages and six shapes also possible to customize Font colors, size, and face. You can also Customize widget icons in 4 different manners. It has some widgets icons Like the weather, Clock, System Details, Music Player, Calander and more. If you want to download this theme, then click on the given Button.

Download Temple RainMeter

40.Legacy: Minimalism Evil

If you are Looking for Something Unique and Featured Theme with Great Look, then this Theme is For you. It has Different features other than Above Mention all Best 39 RainMeter Themes. And It contains RSS Reader for six different feeds, Time and Date, Weather, Gmail Notification Direct on your Main screen, 6 Weblinks customization as per Your choice, Minimalist Launcher for Up to 6 of Your chosen applications and six chosen Folders. If you want to download this Best RainMeter Themes Skins, then click on the given Button.

Download Legacy: Minimalism Evil


That’s all about the 40+ Best RainMeter Themes Skins For Windows 7, 8, 10 Which will give your Laptop/desktop a Completely New look with a Beautiful Background too.

Rainmeter theme or Rainmeter skin is excellent for those who use to spend more time on Laptop/desktop.

I hope this is a great and useful article with featured content for searching a Best RainMeter Skins or Themes Even a Good way also to give Your Laptop/Desktop a New look. So bookmark this article as we keep on updating the lists or Updating Latest Version of RainMeter Themes too.

If you Like Our Post, then don’t forget to share with your friends. Keep on Smiling.


20 Best Torrent Sites to Download Free Torrents {Updated}

Hello Friends, today I am Going To mention a great list of best torrent sites. If you are not a new internet user, Then, I think you have used Torrent to download your favorite files. But, after the takedown of Kickass. Many, new torrent sites came up in the light. But many of them are not legitimate. So, Today in this article, I am going to mention best torrent sites to download free Torrents, Movies, videos, Apps and many more too.

So, now we are in the April of 2018. And Many changes occurred in the best torrent sites too. So, In this post, I am Going To mention the 20 best torrent sites by measuring different aspects. Here, I will check the site popularity, Number of torrent files, Harmful ads(one of the most important point) and many more factors.

So, If you don’t know about the torrent, Then, Let me explain you Everything step by step.

What is Torrent?

According to Wikipedia, Torrent file is a system file with .torrent extension. This file contains the metadata about the files or folders to be downloaded through that specific file. Torrent is one of the most common ways to share data over the internet. Torrent uses peer-to-peer(Also know as P2P) communication protocol for file sharing.

To download a file via torrent. You must have a BitTorrent client and the torrent file with .torrent extension.  And these torrent downloading sites will help you to download your favorite movie songs videos via torrent.

Now, let’s get to the point. Intenet is too huge. Thousands of new torrent downloading sites are created every day. But the question is who is the best? Not, even that which site has more files in their database, which torrent site is virus free and secured? So, On this List, I am going to mention all the points, And You can choose your favorite website.

TOP 25 best torrent sites 2018 April-May

After the takedown of Kickass torrents and Extratorrents, Many torrent users started to search for better alternatives and other torrent sites. So, here the list begins.

[table id=6 /]



The site started on 15 September 2003. So, this is one of the oldest and legitimate sites to download torrent files. It Started By Three Swedish Friends in the English language, and now The Pirate Bay is the most prominent name in the field of torrent files.

Still, This site is the king of all torrent sites. Currently, the Alexa rank of the site is 87. So, you can imagine it’s popularity. About 115 Million users have downloaded files from TPB. So, Let’s Talk about Its Pros And Cons:


  • The site is secured. With SSL encryption.(Most of the torrent sites Lack.) So You Don’t have to worry about your data theft. Your credential is secured with the site. And usually, it is impossible to hack the data transfer between the site and the user.
  • You can Download .torrent files, or you can also get magnet link to download torrent files via other downloaders.
  • The site is available in 35 different languages. So, this site has users from the entire world which helps the site to grow faster.
  • The sites support Tor Browser. If You are concerned about your security And Want to use anonymously, then you can visit the website via tor browser.
  • The site also contains old and rare files. The site has the biggest collection of torrent files.


  • Many fake files are there. Due to a considerable number of data. Deleting the harmful content from the site is impossible. So, this site has a lot of data which is full of trojan. So, always be aware before downloading any file
  • Search is not effective. The problem is significant, and it is quite difficult to tackle. As the community grows, the data are anywhere. So it is difficult to find a file.
  • Accused of selling the viewers privacy and using the user’s system power to mine cryptocurrency.
  • Low Surfing speeds and some pop-up-ads

This site has also faced the copyright problems too many time, but they have met all of them, and currently, they are operating on a .org domain.Overall It is one of the best torrent sites.


Rarbg is also one of the oldest torrent sites. The site started in 2008, and until the end of the year, they have to shut down the site due to copyright case from BERIN. This site is well-known for T.V Shows and movies.

And I think you will find all types of movies like Hollywood, Bollywood, Russian, Chinese and I think films from 60’s to these days. So, if you are a movie lover, then go to this site. Like every other site, Rarbg also has some cons. Some of them are:

  1. It is ban In too Many Countries. The biggest problem with any torrent site is that many countries banned them. And Rarbg is prohibited in many countries. Here is the list of counties.
  2. It is only available in the English language.
  3. Adult content is on the website. So, It is not safe for children.

Now let’s Talk about some good parts of the site:

  1. It has more than 500k daily visitor. Then, you can imagine it’s position.
  2. The Alexa rank of the site is about 5k.
  3. This site has a unique collection of movies and e-books. Here, many ebooks are available.

3. Torlock


If you want to earn money only by entertaining yourself, Then you should use this website. Yes, I am not joking. Torlock pays its users if they find any fake torrent files. So, this step clears two things. First, They are concerned about the site security and second, you can earn money by entertaining yourself. So, this is one of the best torrent sites as well as an earning site.It is the best torrent sites ever.

Lets Talk about the pros:

  1. The site is secure with SSL security. So, your connection to the site is safe.
  2. More than 95% torrents are secured. So, there is a very less chance of fake .torrent or any malware.
  3. You can earn money by finding fake torrents. So, if you are searching for torrents and you notice any phony Torrent you can tell the moderators, and they will pay you.

Now the cons:

  1. The database is not massive.
  2. Like other torrent websites, this site also faces the copyright problem.

Just after the closure of Kickass. The site tries to take place and, it was able to get the success. But until the end of 2016. There are some allegations on 1337x about privacy and security concern. But in 2017 1337x returned and fixed all the previous problems and it is working fine now.

The Site was started in 2007 and gained its popularity.


  1. Best to download big files, Like games and software. If you are a game lover, then download from this site.
  2. Now, one of the most secure site to download torrents files.
  3. Alexa rank increased dramatically in 2016.


  1. The owner dodged due to security reasons.
  2. The database is not significant.
  3. The number of seeders is low.

The site is the updated version of which is one of the best torrent sites. was started seven years ago but the website was banned last year. So, the admin of the site came up with a new domain but with all the databases. Technically, this is not a torrent site. This website is like google for the torrent file. If we want to download a movie, then this is the best torrent sites available option.

We just put the name and click on search. And this site shows the torrent files from different torrent sites with Information about seeding and all. It searches the file on 90+ various torrent sites.

The database of is increasing dramatically. Till now, they indexed about 61,108,886 torrents from 261,074,124 pages on 82 domains. So, this is a huge number. So, Let’s talk about pros and cons:


  • Huge database.
  • No Ads.
  • Simple UI.
  • Powerful search Engine.


  • The connection of the user with the site is not secured. Means your data is not guaranteed.
  • The site is ban in many countries. However, you can use VPNs to access the site.
  • This not a torrent site. It is just a metasearch engine for torrent files.


In a short period. The database of this site became one of the most extensive torrent databases. Currently, the site has more than 4 million torrent files. So, I think you can find the movie or any best torrent music here. So, If you cannot see any torrent files on your favorite platform, Then give a try to this site.

The User interface of the site is Easy to use, and the search algorithm is suitable. The directory is well categorized. So let’s talk about Its pros and cons:


  • Simple user interface.
  • The directory is fully categorized
  • big database
  • Better search result
  • Shows Torrent’s health, seeds, peers, and size.
  • The site is DMCA approved.
  • It also provides a search plugin.
  • Ads Free
  • The site is secured. Means SSL certificate is available on the server.
  • It also Provides a section of verified torrents.
  • Available in different languages.


  • Banned in some Sites.
  • Adult content is openly available as a category. So, this site is not suitable for teens or children.

7.YTS.AG( Best Torrent Site for music 2018)

This torrent site is mainly for movies. And if you have limited data plan, But you are trying to watch the film in better quality. YTS provides video in smallest size with the best quality. It means that you are enjoying HD quality in limited data pack.

This site always changes its domain to protect himself from copyright issues. Currently, it is operating on You can also request for any movie which is not available on the site. So, now talk about the pros and cons:


  • Every type of Movie is available on the site. Like Hollywood, Bollywood, and movies in dubbed-language too.
  • The site offers secured connection with SSL certificate.
  • YTS is DMCA approved.
  • Gives you API for remote connections to connect to the blog.
  • They also have a blog.


  • Only movies are available.
  • The site keeps changing their domain.
  • YTS is ban in some countries.


The UI of the site looks old. But We all know that “old is gold.” This ExtraTorrents is also known as a better alternative to Kickass. in 2018, It is one of the most extensive BitTorrent Network. The site is well-categorized, and every file has right seedings. The admins and moderators have worked too hard to make the site better.

This site is ban in only two or three countries. So, now let’s talk about its pros and cons:


  • Torrents are verified. Thus, the chance of malware is too low.
  • SSL certificate secures the Site.
  • Frequently, the torrent files available here are in good health and with the high seeding.
  • The site has also had a community.
  • Files are available in categories too.


  • Adult category is on the homepage.
  • Old files are not available.
  • Ban in some countries.
  • Some Ads are present on the site.


TorrentFunk is one of the oldest and best torrent sites. It has more than  9,853,566 torrent, and  2,655,117 torrents are verified. So, If you want to download only verified files, then use this torrent site.

The only problem with them is that it is banned in many countries. So, now we talk about its pros and cons in short:


  • The site is secured with SSL secured.
  • The site is too fast.
  • You can find almost all type of movies.


  • There are too many adult Ads on the site. So, this is an 18+ site.
  • The site is full of  Click Ads and pop-ups.
  • Banned in many countries.


Demonoid was started in 2003 about 15 years ago. But in its beginning days, it was a private community. But they got too many copyright strikes from the content owner. To join this private community, someone must invite you is already the member of the Flock.

And they have to tie up with different companies. The irritated admins took an excellent decision to make the site public. And now the website is open. Demonoid also provides their  API to connect. Now, here are the pros and cons of the site:


  • The website is secured.
  • No, adult content is on the homepage.
  • The site works as a community.
  • Direct download link is also available.


  • There is still a part of the site which is private.
  • They do not have a massive database, but all the files are verified. So, there is no risk about fake data.
  • They operate with different domains.

10. SkyTorrents

SkyTorrent has indexed 14,975,537 torrent files in a year only. And they are still indexing. And the best part of the site is that there are no Ads. So, you can surf the site and search for your best torrent files without any pop-ups.

The site is available in 6 different primary languages. So, it contains Chinese, Russians and all type of files. Now Let’s get into the pros and cons of the site:


  • This site is available in 6 different languages.
  • They have SSL certificate with a green lock.
  • Skytorrent has a massive database.
  • The site is Ads free.
  • Adult content is not available openly.


  • Banned in some countries.

So, Here the list of best torrent sites end. I hope that this article will help you to find your best torrent music, movies, software, games site. If you have any suggestion or any issue with the article, please comment below.

Downloading Torrent is safe?

Most of us know that many big torrent sites like Kickass torrents Extra torrents had been taken down. And the site admins were arrested due to copyright infringement. Even, Downloading torrents from some sites are not safe. As we all know that vast number of countries were infected by the ransom-ware virus spread via torrent files. So, before downloading any torrent files double check the site and the data. And also read the comment section of that file.

Many counties ban torrent sites, and even many ISp’s also banned the torrent sites. However, you can access the sites with the help of VPN’s like

ExpressVPNPrivate Internet Access VPN, and IPVanish are some of the few services that are known to help out users in remaining anonymous when browsing best torrenting sites and downloading files, so try these out and start browsing when you switch on your machine.

Before Downloading From The best torrent sites, read this!

In counties like America, United Kingdom. Downloading illegal shared of copyrighted material is illegal, and you may have to go to jail. So, please Check your counties law about torrent sites first.

Don’t be confused, peer to peer sharing is legal, but the files shared here are copyrighted. However, uploading these copyrighted files will put you at risk of a civil lawsuit in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and others to be cautious in what you are getting into yourself.


Note: Disclaimer & Torrent Legal Warning

TechsGeeks does not promote the sharing of copyrighted material illegally. But as I mentioned above peer to peer file sharing technology is completely legal, many of the files traded through P2P are indeed copyrighted. Uploading these copyrighted files puts you at risk of a civil lawsuit in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK, at a minimum.

While these lawsuits are often class-action suits, filed against groups of users who blatantly copy and distribute copyrighted materials, some trials are targeted at individual users in an attempt to make an example of them.