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The blazer styles that will take over in 2018

Everyone loves to stay updated with the latest trends and fashion. Blazers became a trendsetter in the year 2017 which many failed to notice. They are nothing but a plain jacket which does not form a part of a suit but is considered suitable for formal wear. Blazers are the key element to a powerful professional dressing and the most unassuming MVP of your closet. But this year blazers are more than a plain jacket and there is more it. From checkered prints to vibrant colors, we have got you the blazer styles of the year 2018. With Jabong coupons, you can purchase these blazers and give a trendy twist to your closet.

  1. Vibrant Shades

Fashion girls are rocking with color a lot extra lately, and that very much embraces the blazer. As we move into the season of spring, a renewed palette of invigorating blues, cute pinks, and diverse patterns awaits. With bold stripes, pattern and abstract print, and bolder, blazers also come with matching trousers. Prosperity favors the showy.

  1. Luxe Textures

Luxurious fabrics like corduroy and velvet bring the jacket to the next level. Imagine and really feel this blazer trend. You can also pair it with matching trousers for a new look on the modern suit. Pair them with denim or skirts along with bright stilettoes for an amazing and classy look.

  1. Structured Silhouettes

Spiky shoulders and nipped waists are going to be everywhere in 2018. Corset-inspired shaping, extra-strong shoulders, and asymmetrical tailoring are all blazer styles you’ll start to see popping up in the coming months.

  1. Double Breasted

This is a very classic blazer style and it always gets in trend. This traditional yet classy double-breasted blazer is specially festooned with gold vintage-inspired buttons or is made in a standard checkered pattern which gives a stylish upgrade to the outfit. Pair it with soft-feeling details like a floral skirt or statement earrings for an old-school look or you can pair it with a plain turtleneck and polished jeans to bring out the classic shape of the blazer.

  1. Over-sized blazer

The oversized blazers are currently the deconstructed blazer. Pair it with sheer black knee-highs and acrylic shoes. It will give you a look which is less executive boardroom and more executive realness.


  1. Pinstriped blazer

A pinstriped grey blazer can be turned into an asymmetric sleeve mini dress and can be paired with black biker shorts. For more business effect, style a tie out of what would technically be called the blazer’s collar. But possibly the finest detail is the sexy cut-out at the chest. It will be a very modern affair.

  1. Windowpane patterned blazer

The windowpane patterned blazer can be turned into a going out top. Turn the entire thing to one side and create a really attractive neckline which is sensual and yet you would perhaps get away with styling it to the office.

Ways to pair a blazer

There is no better combination than pairing a blazer with a jean. But there are also many different ways in which a blazer can be paired with a jean. Take a look at the different styles of pairing a blazer with a jean to create new looks.

  1. A casual yet edgy look

Be it a casual meeting or a weekend, pair your jeans with a solid blazer. Style a graphic t-shirt to add a little of an edge under the plaid, and give it a cool look.

  1. Pair up with heels

Ankle strap heels are the best suited when you are wearing a blazer. It gives a feel of a feminine look, yet it is powerful at the same time. This style is also best suited for a date night if you are heading straight from the office.

  1. A bit girly

Add a punch of pink here and there for a strong feminine look. The pink blazers go well with black shoes and it will give you a cute look. You can also pair it up with nude shoes.

  1. Everyday style

A neutral blazer, denim, and booties are the best mix for any day. You can style this anytime and it is suitable for all occasions. For a coffee date or brunch or going around the town, this outfit would be perfect.

  1. Spring and summer

White blazers will look extremely refreshing during the summer and spring. Tuck in your shirt loosely and pair it with a white oversized blazer for a perfect look.

  1. Effortlessly chic

Denim with marigold blazers along with pointed-toed slingbacks are the perfect outfit for meetings and also for catching up for a drink with your friends.

These are the blazer trends of the year 2018. Stay updated with the latest trends in fashion by following the above-mentioned blazer styles. Now its time for you to shop all the blazer styles and bring out the fashionista in you.

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